12.5.13 "Goat WOD"

December 04, 2013

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Johnny "Come Lately" and "Stormin" Norman

Johnny “Come Lately” and “Stormin” Norman


Big Nate Vrakas!!! and the Crew

Big Nate Vrakas!!! and the Crew


Goat WOD

Each WOD today will be AMRAP 15 Mins
You will pick 2 Goat Movements Plus one Aerobic movement (250row, 200 run, 20DU, 20 Air squats)
5 Overhead Squats (light) add weight each week
5-10 Toe 2 bars
20 Double Unders or Attempts

3-5 Hand Stand push ups (add reps each week)
3-5 Pullups (add reps each week)
200m Run


Active Recovery or Rest



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  1. scott henriques Reply

    not really a goat wod today but will be making up todays on sunday.
    movements today were for the throwdown on saturday.

    4 rounds for time~~~~~19:37
    10 power snatches @ 65#
    15 deadlifts @ 135#
    20 kb swings @ 53#
    15 boxjumps @ 24″ (did not bust my ass today like yesterday)
    200m pose running

  2. John Edward Norris Reply

    5 Wall Walks (up from 4)
    14 box pistols (up from 12)
    10 double under (same)
    5 rounds (down from 5 +15)

    extra credit = 4 x 800 meter run with 3 minute break in between.

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