2.1.12 "Nicole"

January 31, 2012

Warm up: CrossFit Dodgeball

400m Run
Max Pullups

Once you fall off the bar or touch the floor you must complete another 400m run. When you return you perform max pullups again and so on.
Score is total pullups. The faster you run the more rounds you get in. Keep track of each round on the board.
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  1. Ryan Blake Reply

    Sudden death dodgeball.

  2. Currin Reply

    6 Rounds: 32, 20, 16, 16, 16, 19

    Total: 119 pullups

    Fun warm up today…

    • D$ Reply

      Fun for you guys….I did about 50 burpees

  3. peter Reply

    6 rounds
    48 pullups

    Dodgeball warm up! Easy as the opposing team was all doing burpees at once, we waited for them to get up so we could bombshell them! Keep’n down! Yeah!

  4. P$ Reply

    4 rounds, 50 Pullups with small red band. Rough morning for me but beats sleeping in any day!!!!

  5. Kara Son Reply

    1. I would do 10 min of potato sack races over dodgeball…any day! 😛
    2. Motivating group today! 😀 12, 12, 11, 8, 9. 6, 7 = 65 Rx
    3. DUs with Big Sexy afterwards– improvement little by little! Anyone have an good tips on DUs? I think I’m gonna go make myself a DU playlist on YouTube to watch over & over again…

  6. Page Lockhart Reply

    Crazy dodging w 5:30am class..!
    Friggin hit too many times …
    Then again @ 7:30 against the Caldas fam.
    They thought they were bad ass but Sonia,
    P$ and I called them out and that worked!!
    Pullups total: 70 for Nator.
    6 Rnds. Of fun!!

  7. "CC" Reply

    Dodgeball warm up was fun & a heck of a warm up w all those burpees! Watch for Nator 🙂 “Nicole” 5 rounds! (suprised myself w the runnin part!) 66 with G&B bands.

  8. willhuntforfood Reply

    101 pullups x 6 rounds

  9. D$ Reply

    59 pullups x 5 rounds

    About right for the front 9

    Dodgeball was good fun at 5:30am, and a great source of exercise if you were part of team burpee.

  10. Joe Kelleher Reply


    6 rds 35,20,20,15,15,10 = 115

  11. Big Sexy Reply

    6 runs but only had time for 5 rounds of pullups.

  12. Cuch Reply

    Nicole 6 rounds
    21-17-17-15-16-17=104 rx
    Dodgeball=70 burpees not so much fun! haha

  13. Cuch Reply

    oops…that actually equals 103 awesome math skills!

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