2.1.13 "Open WOD 12.2"

January 31, 2013

Courtney, Pregnant and Still Going Strong!!!

Open WOD 12.2
AMRAP 10 mins
Snatch (75,45) 30 reps
Snatch (135,75) 30 reps
Snatch (165,100) 30 reps
Snatch (210,120) as many reps as possible


Masters 55+

1)Work up to a 1RM Squat Snatch in 15 mins
2)Open WOD 12.2

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  1. Caroline C. Reply

    Courtney is the badassingest badass.

  2. Jcurrin Reply

    58 Rx – PR compared to 47 reps last attempt.

    Sarah was unreal today with 88 reps Rx!!!! Great work.

    The MVP today was coach risky! First time in one of his classes…Perfect combo of structure, instruction, and motivation!! Hope to meet up again sometime!!!

  3. CC Engine Reply

    Courtney is badass and fabulous!! 🙂 Her baby is going to be Too!! AND this workout is badass! Lol!

  4. Andrea Reply

    60 Scaled

    I came close to getting the 85, but just couldn’t do it.

    JL was killing it! Nice job getting those heavy snatches!!

    • jl Reply

      Thanks Andrea!!!! Great WOD today…. Awesome job 5:30!!!

  5. Mark Reply

    45 RX (Happy with that as 135 is basically my 1RM on the power snatch)
    This paleo stuff is good
    Awesome energy in the 5:30 today.

  6. Mark Reply

    I keep hearing about this Jeff guy. Who is he?

  7. currin Reply

    I spoke with Jeff today and apparently, he is transitioning to Saturdays only!!!!

    I guess he prefers sleep over CrossFit…. I don’t get it!

  8. Pat D. Reply

    53 Scaled – great workout at 7:30

  9. Caroline C. Reply

    Killer – I really liked this and I thought I wouldn’t! 🙂

    61 reps – I did the scale of 35, 55, 75, etc

    The one rep at 75# was not pretty, in fact I probably shouldn’t count it as it was totally a press out, but as my previous 1rm was 65#, that’s a pretty major achievement to actually get the damn thing above my head!

    Progress is so addictive!

  10. Adam Reply

    Great job, Sarah!!! 88 is impressive!

    71 reps RX

    Great 5:30 PM class

    • Adam Reply

      Alright…before I post, I am now checking all my scores with Bruce…to see if his bullshit meter goes off. I could have sworn I did RX, but now see how crappy I am at Gym math.

      What I actually did was 75#, 105#, 135# (for total of 71).

      Somehow thought I had to keep adding 30# to each round.

      • Sweat Beast Reply

        I was gonna say…. That was a sick score.

        The highest I saw for guys was 66 RX (6 @ 165)

        Which was myself and Risky. JC I believe was right around there as well.

        Still an excellent score!!!!!

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