2.10.12 "Game Day 4.12"

February 09, 2012

Bobby Bananas is Kinda Cool!!!

Game Day 4.12
60 Calorie Row
50 Hand Release Push Ups
40 Games Style Box Jumps (24,20)
30 KB Swings (53,35)
20 Front Squats (185,135)
10 Muscle Ups

Goal is to get as Far as possible in 12mins.

Scaled Rep WOD
Amrap 12
50 Calorie Row
40 Hand Release Push Ups
30 Games Box Jumps
20 KB Swings
10 Front Squats
5 Pullups Ups

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  1. D$ Reply

    Finished scaled WOD. Front squat 115. Next time 135 or more. Really need to warm up the front squat to do well. Box jumps 20″

    Missed heat 2 but I’m sure everybody crushed it.

    • A.Del Reply

      Nice job Dennis. You were one of only a few that actually finished this one!

  2. A.Del Reply

    Game Day 4.12 – Scaled version

    50-40-30-20-7 = 147 Reps (95# FS) The push ups really slowed me down on this as well as my first failed attempt at cleaning the bar. Bummed I couldn’t get those last few reps in. Next time!!

  3. Currin Reply

    Game Day 4.12

    60+50+40+30 … then it all fell apart. Weight was just too heavy for us super-fly weights, especially when you’re running out of gas.

    On another note…

    Smitty – you mentioned you were a baseball coach the last time we spoke. I am looking for a hitting coach (once every two weeks for an hour or so) for my two kids. They are 12 and 8 so nothing to serious. Any recommendations in the area? Just want to work on some basic fundamentals and break some bad habits.. Would you be interested?

  4. Smitty Reply

    oh yeah we can definitely talk. I can even show you some tips to get them started yourself. “fingers, feet, followthrough” lol

  5. Page Lockhart Reply

    Game Day WOD 4.11
    50-40-30-20-10-5..then hop back on
    The rower for 6 cals (85# FS)
    your reward for making it thru is More
    Rowing..! Aaahhhh
    Fun for ~nator.

  6. Peter L Reply

    Game Day WOD 4.11
    50-40-30-20-10-4…then had to sit and hang my head to get oxygen back into my head! – did not quite finish – need one more pull up
    Rower 50 cals (#85FS), KB#35

  7. Big Sexy Reply

    Game Day WOD 4
    60-50-40-25= 175

    2:08 60 cal row then the pushups killed me. Once you burn out it gets real tough, sets of 2&3 after 30. Probably could have finished KB if I didn’t stop b/c I thought I only had to do 20. Way to push through @ryanblake. Even puking mid WOD can’t slow you down. Good work today!

    • Big Sexy Reply

      Also very disappointed I missed out on the front squats, they looked like tons of fun!

  8. Jenn Reply

    Good one… 60+50+40+20=170

  9. Steven Smith Reply


  10. "CC" Reply

    The scaled dwn wod on board at gym (for 530 p class) was: 50 cal row, 40 hr push ups, 30 gs bx jmp, BUT – 25 kb swings, 20 Front squats, 10 pull ups! Did it all w just 10 sec’s left or less. 175. But – modf’d push up, 12″ bx, 26# kb, only 35# front squat (mayb cld’v done more#), & gr bands! Def hard, cldn’t believe i even finsh’d it!! Push’d lungs (& evry’g else) to limit, was cgh’g up sludge! Gave em a good cln’g out! 🙂 CF – f’g nuts! ooh ra 🙂

  11. Ethan Reply

    60+50+40+30 = 180 (RX). 185 felt pretty heavy by the time I got to it.

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