2.12.13 "AMRAP FEST 1.0"

February 12, 2013

Team Paleo Challenge Update
1. Team Filthy Fifty on Wednesday
–if you can not make it Wednesday then you have the ability to do it tomorrow or any other day this week. Try to get it done ASAP.

2. Clean/Run WOD may be cancelled due to snow and ice. If we can get it in this week we will. If not that means your team WOD will count even more.

3. Max Pull-ups will be on Friday. Again if you can not make it Friday you can do it any day this week but they have to be done by Saturday.

4. Weigh Ins and Pictures must be done Tuesday or Wednesday for the Prize Money. Any weigh ins after Wednesday will not count towards the prizes but we will still be available to take them for you. Even if you can not make it to class you can just stop by before or after class to get your measurements done.

Double Unders
Rest 1 min
Row for Calories
Rest 1 min
Burpee Box Jumps(24,20)
Rest 1 Min
Clean n Jerks

Big Dawgs (185,125)
Pack (155,105)
Pups (115,70)

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  1. Adam Reply

    Joined my 6:30 PM friends today. Good to see some familiar faces, and some new ones.

    KB 29 (53#)
    DU 44
    Row 37 cal
    Burpee Box Jump 38
    Clean and Jerk 25 (155#)
    Total: 173

  2. Sweat beast Reply

    Kb 33
    Du 119
    Row 62
    Burpee bj 38
    Clean n jerk @ 185 18

    270 big dawg

    Corrin killllllled the double unders

    She did 296 big dawg

  3. Ninja Reply

    Wtf! Good lord

  4. Cat Reply

    Total: 147, 35#KB, 85# clean/jerk and did real D/Us tonight so my count was a bit low. Good to have Adam back at 6:30pm. Fun times had by all!

  5. Hercules Reply

    No way, watched Craig do 212 and mes up twice in 2 min.

  6. JC Reply

    Great job everyone.
    KB 32
    DU 152
    Row 63
    BBj 52
    Snatch (135) 26

  7. JC Reply

    275 I think

  8. JC Reply


  9. Tricia Reply

    150 total, 65# on the clean. Good workout! Great to see Adam!!

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