2.13.12 "Christine"

February 12, 2012


Paleo Benchmark WOD #2
3 Rounds
500m row
12 Deadlifts (bodyweight)
21 Box jumps (24,20)

The Paleo Challenge comes to an end this week. We have seen dramatic changes in everyone!!! Now It’s time to get our benchmarks done.

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  1. Peter L Reply

    my good shoulder was very painful this weekend, not sure if I will be in tomorrow morning. I think I pulled something, have had a lot of trouble lifting my arm this weekend. ๐Ÿ™

  2. Peter L. Reply

    Well??? How did everyone do today?!
    Arm still not good today but less painful!
    Looking forward to seeing some of the scores!

    • A.Del Reply

      Feel better Peter. We missed you this morning!

    • Kara Reply

      Same problem here! Woke up at 0230 this morning– it was like someone was hammering a stake into my shoulder…it burns! I’m also resting for a physical test tomorrow for the Marine Corps.
      Get well soon, Peter!!! Rest!!!

  3. Currin Reply

    “Christine” – 10:17 Rx – PR

    28 seconds faster than my initial attempt (10:45 on 1/9) which actually used a 20″ box instead of a 24″ box. Higher and faster is good I guess. Sub 10 next time…

    Can’t wait to see everyone crush their benchmarks all day!

  4. A.Del Reply

    Christine – 13:42 Rx (PR by 1:19)

    Everyone was crushing it this morning!

  5. D$ Reply

    12:22…#135 DL 24″step ups

  6. Page Lockhart Reply

    Tried to keep up to the Rooster today!
    Couldn’t quite do it…
    12:08 Rx PR which was 26 seconds
    faster for The Nator !
    Great job everyone today and hope the
    Nite crew crushes it too!!

  7. willhuntforfood Reply


    9:40- 230lb

  8. "CC" Reply

    “CHRISTINE” 14:19 – 90# DL, 12″ BX. Last time (my 1st – 14:16, but only 65# DL) Good WOD! Next time wanna try 16″ BX even tho my son, JC, says I dont jump high enuff! Lol! We’ll see! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Peter L Reply

    Awesome! Glad to see everyone has advanced!!!! Crush it!

  10. christine Reply

    time 15:35…a minute slower than 5 weeks ago…BUT 125 DL and 20″ box jumps compared to 60# DL and 16″ boxjump!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. hal monsini Reply

    Me and tank did christine together… get your mind outta the gutter. lol 9:16 dead even.
    Way to go Tank. Everyone did awesome!!

  12. hal monsini Reply

    First bench mark 1-9 time 940
    second b. m. 2-13 time 916

  13. Steven Smith Reply

    1/9 -20:13
    2/13 – 15:46

  14. Joe Kelleher Reply

    11:44 2/13

    12:44. 1/9

    got to be better on the rower

  15. Ethan Reply

    1/9 – 10:53 RX (185# DL)

    2/13 – 9:46 RX (185# DL) – PR. Was absolutely dead on the last row. Lots of movement on the Leader Board! Good stuff everyone.

  16. Tank Reply

    Haha! Yes we did! Good work Hercules

  17. Chris Winters Reply

    Blizz: “Christine” — 13:58 (215#) — a lot slower than I would have hoped. Need a GOAT WOD for box jumps. Next time I do this workout, I’d like to be quite a bit lighter, so my DL’s are lighter!

  18. Justin Coelho Reply

    Christine – 15:08 (185#) 2/16
    16:09 (225#) Jan.

    Went super slow on the deadlifts with impeccable form in hopes of not re-injuring the back. Wicked nervous, first time deadlifting since throwin out my back. Feeling good now that its over, 185# felt really light but glad I listened to all the coaches and wasn’t stupid doing heavy wt. Thanks nugz for holding me to good form on all reps.

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