2.14.13 "Deadly Valentine"

February 13, 2013

Jill Crushed the Paleo Challenge!!!

Dan “DH” Harrington another Fran PR

Deadly Valentine

Row 300m
14 Thrusters (105,70)

Rest 7 Min Exactly

30 1 Arm KB Snatches (53,35)
14 KB Jump Squats (53,35)

The KB Jump Squats will be performed holding the KB in front of you AnyHow and doing a full air squat below parallel then jumping so the feet completely leave the ground. The KB can not touch the ground during the jump.
The KB snatches must be 15 each side but you can break them up as needed.

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  1. little sexy Reply

    good WOD.. Nice to mix things up in the WOD , and try different routines!!! Loved the KB jumps squats!!

  2. CC Engine Reply

    2 rds + 205m 45# Thrusters / 2 rds + 29 20# KB’s. Deadly! Ha ha! Great 630 p class with Bruce & the gang!!

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