2.15.12 Fran

February 14, 2012

Click here to Check out Irvin Hernandez sub 2 min Fran

Thrusters (95,65)

Final Benchmark for Paleo Challenge! If you have not completed Christine you have until Friday to complete it. Also the challenge ends on Friday due to the competition this weekend at Vagabond. you must get weighed, measured and have pictures done on or before Friday. So get them done Thursday if you will not be around Friday.
This has been another great challenge I can’t wait to see the results from everyone!

Also I hope everyone can make it over to Vagabond CrossFit in Easton on Saturday to cheer on our competitors. It will be a fun event from about 9-4 and we will have a tent and chairs set up. Feel free to bring beers and chairs to hang out!!!

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  1. D$ Reply

    Fran 8:42 (75) My first round of Thrusters took more than 2 min.

  2. A.Del Reply

    Fran is the biggest B#%&%$ of them all.

    14:38 Rx (Slower by :23) The pull ups failed me today. 🙁

  3. Page Lockhart Reply

    Love Fran but when the “Caldas Coaches”
    are on your tip u know it’s legit!
    8:53RX for Nator today.
    30 secs. slower but I get this bi&@$tch
    Next time !!

  4. Ryan Blake Reply

    Shooting for a 6:30 time. Fran belongs in the kitchen…and shit.

  5. Ethan Reply

    The freeze frame shot of the this video looks a bit odd.. perhaps slighly provocative.

  6. Currin Reply

    Sorry I missed the 5:30 class today… Caught something from christine the other morning..

    Getting over the flu or some bug so should takle fran on Friday..

    Can’t wait!

  7. Ryan Blake Reply


  8. Tank Reply

    5:59 Rx – PR.

    • Steve Smith Reply

      you need to compete

  9. Tank Reply

    1:23 improvement from baseline.

  10. D$ Reply

    NICE Tank!!

  11. Peter L Reply

    Shoulder still recooping, can move it in all directions now, just a lot of clicking going on. I showed up today as a spectator and cheered on all the athletes.
    Fran was out of the question with my shoulders. Really wanted to do it. Made up my own thing. Situps, box jumps, deadlift.
    It was awesome to see the 5:30am class work so hard….such a good effort put in by everyone.

    Get well Currin!

  12. JohnF Reply

    Crossfit Zurich
    Eight rounds for time of:
    10 Burpees
    15 Jumping alternating lunges
    20 Double-unders
    Rest 90 seconds between each round
    Didn’t finish first, but not last either. I think the soccer helps their endurance. Tried to post a picture of the gym, couldn’t figure out how to do it.

  13. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    No Fran for me today on the road…

    Tabata tonight instead
    Push ups – 10
    Sit ups -10
    BW squats-12
    Hill sprints- treadmill at 12 degree incline – 6.5 mph

  14. Risky Business Reply

    6:45 rx…

    Did the WOD alone today… If I was going with other people I know i could have shaved it another 30sec I bet.. Who knows tho

  15. Ethan Reply

    1/6 Fran 7:29 (Rx)

    2/15 Fran 6:38 (Rx) – PR

    Fran makes me sad. Also did it by myself, but I’ll take it. Want to get in the 5’s next time.

  16. Big Sexy Reply

    2/15 Fran 8:13 Rx
    1/6 Fran 14:06 Rx

    Just a little bit of an improvement! Maybe there is something to eating healthy and working out. Why haven’t I been doing this for years? Great to see all the PRs today. Love seeing everyone spill their buckets.

  17. hal monsini Reply

    1st Fran in Jan. 5:54
    2nd Fran tonight 4:38.
    Watching and judging Bravo is awesome, he is an amazing athlete. Great job everyone.

    • Bravo Reply

      Hercules if I am as good as you in a few years I will be a happy man. Great job tonight you are living up to the name!

  18. "CC" Engine Reply

    1/06 Fran (my 2nd CF class!) – 9:28 – But only w 15# bar (pulled something in warmup that day) & G, R bands.
    2/15 Fran —————————— 9:33 – But w 45#, & G, R bands. Little better 🙂
    Ps: JC said after Game Day 4.12 (the 50,40,30,25,20,10 stuff!!!) that i was like an engine, ’cause i just kept goin and never stopped – ha – and i actually finished it w 10 seconds about left 🙂 Sooooo i think that’ll be part of my new name! I’m not a real strong engine yet, but i’ll keep chugging away :p

  19. Joe Kelleher Reply

    Fran felt good today.

    Jan 7:39

    Tonight 5:22

  20. Kara Reply

    Wow! 😀 Looks like Paleo’s done wonders for everyone!!!
    & CrossFit is just awesome!!! Since I started CrossFit in November, I’ve shaved 55sec off from my 3-mile time with minimal running. CrossFit is definitely the best way to “cross”train for any sport! CFB Coaches & Gladiators, thank you for encouragement & support!

    “Fran” Before: 11:01 Rx
    After: 10:00 Rx

  21. Risky Business Reply

    Great improvements guys!!!

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