2.16.17 “Death by Burpees and More”

February 15, 2017

“Death by Burpees and More”
Part 1:
500m Row For Time

Part 2:
100 Toe 2 Bar for Time
5 Minutes Cap

Part 3:
1 Burpee on Min. 1
2 Burpees on Min. 2
3 Burpees on Min. 3
-And so on, until you cannot complete the amount of reps within the minute. Even if you finish with 1 second left you must start the next round. You can gain extra points for as many reps that you get in the last round.
For Example-15+11.
If you do not make it past the 10th round take 1 minute off and reduce the last set you completed by 2-3 reps and maintain that till the end of at least 15 minutes. If you make it past the 15 minutes, keep going. I think the record is somewhere around 22 or 23 rounds. GOOD LUCK!!!!

Level 3 can start on 6 reps
Level 2 can start on 3 reps
Level 1 can start on 1 rep



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