2.19.14 "Team Look Ma No Hands"

February 18, 2014

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“Team Look Ma No Hands”
Teams of 2 same ability
500m Row Each
30 No Handed Burpees
30 Wall Walks
60 1-Arm KB GTO (53,25)
500m Row each
Here is the Kicker:
The KB must be held off the ground the entire workout. As soon as the first person starts the row then the other athlete must hold the kettlebell off the ground. You may hold it in your hands, arms or on your shoulder but you may not hold it on your lap or on your leg at any point.  And No you can not lie on the ground with it on your person either…DH! If the KB touches the ground you must both complete a 5 Burpee penalty immediately.

What’s a no handed Burpee you say???

Hands must stay behind the back. Imagine being in a hostage situation. If the world ends the CrossFitters survive.


Active Recovery or Rest
Example of active recovery: Slow long distance swim, bike, row, or run…about 20 minutes steady state


75 GHDSU for Time

(Thur, Fri or Sat)
5 Rounds
250 Row + 10 Burpees-as fast as humanely possible
Rest 1 minute
record all splits


We want you!!! All athletes interested in joining the OPEN’s can sign up now. Once you register then you must choose an affiliate and then choose a TEAM. If you Train for the CFB Competition team then you will pick CrossFit Bridgewater as your affiliate and TEAM. Here is the Link: games.crossfit.com

Thursday February 20th (this will be a regular class)
Yoga with Kathleen @ CFB
This Yoga Class will be at 5:30pm
During this Yoga class there is NO OPEN GYM. Please be respectful to the class when leaving and arriving that day.

The class is included in your unlimited membership. If you do not have an unlimited membership then UPGRADE today or the cost will be $7/class. Upgrading will only cost $25/month and you will also be allowed up to 3 more days of CrossFit per week. It’s a no brainer!






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