2.19.16 “FRAN”

February 18, 2016


Announcement: Today is the final day of the Paleo Challenge. Make sure you keep recording your Paleo points(CFB) and your journals(CFD) for all of Friday. You must get your final weight and measurements done with a coach by Saturday. The Final benchmark WOD will be today and you will have till Sunday to get the benchmark wods done. Make sure your coaches have your scores from both attempts at the benchmark wods.

Today’s WOD

Thrusters (95,65)

Today you will use a judge!!! Make sure you hold your athletes accountable for their reps while judging. Be nice but be fair. The OPEN wods will be every Friday starting next week and you will all be responsible for judging other athletes that are competing. Coaches please explain what judging should be like during the OPEN.



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  1. Garrett Reply

    Fran – 64 reps (55, thick blue)

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