2.2.13 "Rain Song"

February 01, 2013

Very “Special” People!!!

The Rain Song

Part 1
Hand Release Push Ups

Rest 10 Mins

Part 2 (optional)
3 Rounds
With a Weighted Vest
200m Run
2 Rope Climbs
20 Burpees

Big Dawgs
1) (315,225)
2) Weighted Vest (20,14)

1) (275,195)
2) No Vest

1) (185,115)
2) Sub 3 Wall Walks all Rope Climbs

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  1. Caroline C. Reply

    Woah, I don’t usually come in Saturdays, but those rope climbs are really tempting! My favorite thing other than KBS.

  2. CC Engine Reply

    Go 4 it Caroline! Ur doing fabulous!! Lol! 🙂

    • Caroline C. Reply

      I had to work :'(

      Bummer. I really wanted to do the climbs!!

  3. big joe Reply

    Good one this morning sorry i missed yesterday. 12:48 part one rx. 13:20 part two with 20lb vest wall climbs for me. Scott was a beast at 315

  4. Andrea :) Reply

    Rain song – 18:47 (155)

    WOD 2 16:02 (16# vest)

    Push ups kill me, but I maintained good form throughout. I probably should have gone 10-20 pounds heavier on the DL.

  5. Page Lockhart Reply

    Great classes this am and fun Wods. !!
    Yah!! Big dawgs crushed it and Lil Sexy
    Ran w the 10# vest. No stopping CFB..
    Keep drinkin the koolaid .. I mean Natoraid!!

  6. Kristin Reply

    Great WOD
    First part 16:18 RX
    Second part 11:53 no vest
    Good to see Trex back in the house

  7. mark Reply

    Sorry posted as Kristin, but its me….

  8. T-Rex Reply

    That was a FUN double workout! Loved those rope climbs!

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