2.20.12 "Hang Tough"

February 19, 2012

Congrats to Bravo for his FIRST PLACE finish and to all the competitors who represented CFB at Vagabond for the Winterfest this weekend!

Hang Tough
5 Rounds
200 m sprint
10 Hang Squat Cleans (135,95)
15/10 push ups
Rest exactly 3 min between rounds

Sprints are all out, no pacing. HSC unbroken.

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  1. Steven Smith Reply

    Currin, I will be at the 10am class tomorrow and then 5:30pm Tuesday, Thursday and Friday if you need to talk baseball

  2. currin Reply

    Hey steve- I will try to catch up on tuesday or thrusday… Thanks

  3. currin Reply

    Nice work everyone who competed on Saturday and especially Bravo with the big win. Great job representing CFB!!!

    I was still feeling the effects of Saturday during today’s workout..

    “Hang Tough” – 24:32 Rx.

  4. D$ Reply

    Hang Tough 32:00 I think? #95 HSC
    Didn’t feel it today, but I came and got my sweat on… Great pics of the Winterfest on Jay’s FB.

  5. "CC" Engine Reply

    Hang Tough was tuff! 27:21 (45#, modif”d push up)

    Great to see a big turn out for the (holiday) 7:30 am class! 🙂

  6. Big Sexy Reply

    Hang Tough 27:21

    1st set Rx, all the rest 115#. It felt like 5 different workouts, gassed after each round! Paleo challenge ends, I have 1 piece of birthday cake, 2 shots of patron, and don’t drink enough water over the weekend and felt like absolute crap today. Jumping back on the paleo bus.

  7. Ryan Blake Reply

    Holy squat cleans

  8. A.Del Reply

    Hang Tough – 25:41 (75#)

    I’m still slow doing the pushups so it’s a good thing I can run! 😉

  9. "CC" Engine Reply

    Hey coach, nice pic of the back of my head! Lol! You at least put a better one on FB! 🙂

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