2.21.14 "CFG Opens WOD 12.3"

February 20, 2014

Hey Everyone,

I Just wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the OPEN WODs and Schedule. For some of you this is your first year and the OPENs can be somewhat overwhelming. It shouldn’t be, this is an amazing event that the entire world can take part in no matter what your fitness level is. It’s a great way to test yourself and see how far you have come from last year or see you much you will improve in the following year. We highly encourage everyone in the Gym to SIGN UP for the OPENs, this is not just for “Competitors”, this is for all of our ATHLETES, we look at all of you as competitors anyway. The more ATHLETES we have signed up, the more ENERGY the box will have and the better chance our top athletes will qualify for the next round. Please take the time to sign up tonight. The OPENs start next THURSDAY NIGHT at 8pm. You Must register before then.

On THURSDAY FEBRUARY 27th they will release the first OPEN WOD Live on the games.crossfit.com site. We will be watching it LIVE at the box at 8pm and some of our athletes will be testing it out after its released. During the LIVE broadcast they will have two of the top males and two of the top females perform the WOD. Its a great show they put on. So join us Thursday night, hopefully we will have a TV or Projector Screen set up.

The Entire gym will be performing the OPENs WOD every week on FRIDAYS. There will be 5 weeks of OPENs WODs. If you are serious about scoring well and want to retest the WOD, you can do this on SUNDAY or MONDAY. You will have Until 8pm Monday night to enter your score into the games site. We suggest for best recovery if you are re-testing that you wait till Monday but Sunday may be the best option for your LIFE.

This is the Schedule Our COMPETITORS will be following:
Monday – OPENs Retest
Tuesday – Hard and Heavy
Wednesday – Rest/Active Recovery
Thursday – Medium Aerobic WOD
Friday – OPENs 1st TEST
Saturday – Rest/Active Recovery
Sunday – Light Aerobic WOD

The Rest days may Vary for each athletes schedule. Wednesday/Thursday and Saturday/Sunday are interchangeable.

OK. Now its time to get serious about our judging as well! Today we will be practicing judging for real!!! NO BRO REPS!!!
While judging you are holding your athlete to a high standard, so they will have a legitimate score. The athlete wants you to be honest with them. No one wants a free lunch. We work hard and we want to earn our results. We will have score cards and Judges today! Lets get after it.

Set your mind as if this is the first WOD of the OPENs.
Let’s get the first one out of the way this week and be ready for whatever they throw at us!!!


“CFG Open WOD 12.3″
15 Games Style Box Jumps (24,20)
12 Push Jerk (115,75)
9 Toe 2 Bars

With a Judge


“CFG Open WOD 12.3″
15 Games Style Box Jumps (24,20)
12 Push Jerk (115,75)
9 Toe 2 Bars

With a Judge

3 Front Squat @ 50%1RM
With bands or Chains
Speed Work

1 Mile Run For Time


3 Rounds
Max Effort Plank Holds
5 minutes would be impressive!
Rest as needed between sets

(Thur, Fri or Sat)
Run or Row
3 rounds
1600 meters
Rest 3 Minutes


We want you!!! All athletes interested in joining the OPEN’s can sign up now. Once you register then you must choose an affiliate and then choose a TEAM. If you Train for the CFB Competition team then you will pick CrossFit Bridgewater as your affiliate and TEAM. Here is the Link:   games.crossfit.com



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  1. CC Engine Reply

    Sooooo Exciting!!! 🙂 🙂

  2. neon joe Reply

    7+11 last time 6+12

  3. Don E Reply

    5 + 23 Rx = 190 reps
    Went up 10# on the PJs from last time & lost 36 reps but I’m good with that.

  4. Adam Reply

    6+19 RX

  5. John Fitz Reply

    Rusty but oh so happy to be back.

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