2.22.12 "Breathe"

February 21, 2012

Elliot getting Strong!

Mary aka Lil Sexy!

4 Rounds
200m Med Ball Run (20,14)
15 Wall Balls (20,14)
10 Tire Flips (280,180)
20 Box Jumps (24,20)
—half the class will start on run and half on tires
—please don’t park in front of the tires in the morning.

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  1. D$ Reply

    Breathe….23:32 I don’t think we got the 280lb tire out cuz the front-end loader was using it.

  2. Risky Business Reply


    Elaine and I had a little mishap on the last round, so I def could have shaved 30sec off this easily, def 60sec for her! Lol !

  3. Page Lockhart Reply

    20:47 w 130# tire. Ty Kristen for using
    The 180# I did one rnd w it and couldn’t
    even grip it! Sh$&@t!

  4. Big Sexy Reply

    Breath 15:37 Rx

    Darby and I crushing the lunch time workout. We used the 2 biggest tires out there.

  5. "CC" Engine Reply

    Breathe 21:30 (8#ball, 130#tire, 16″bx) Improvement: 6 to 8#ball, 12 to 16″bx, & 1st time flippin tire like that! 🙂 4 rounds was tuff but happy w my wod result! Took 21:30 to catch my breath after! 😉

  6. "CC" Engine Reply

    Good time with 10 am class today! 🙂

  7. hal monsini Reply

    Breathe, 13:20. Nice night to run outside! ” Can’t wait for spring”

  8. P$ Reply

    23:50 rx

  9. Blizz Reply

    Breathe — 20:25 (RX) — box jumps be the death of me!

  10. Ethan Reply

    15:38 RX. Could not figure out the best way to hold the Medicine Ball on the run. Pretty much tried everything

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