2.24.12 "Open WOD 12.1"

February 23, 2012

It’s officially ON!!! Let the GAMES begin!

This is What will Happen to you if you do not come to the Bowling Bash Tonight!

Open WOD 12.1
Burpees to Target
—target must be six inches above reach
—if you do not touch the target on your first jump you do not have to repeat the whole burpee. You just have to jump again and make sure both hands touch.

Slow and steady wins this race.

Deadlift 4×4 @ 80-85%max

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  1. Elaine Reply

    OK….I’m not going!!! I just want to see who’s gonna put my head thru the wall…LMAO!!!!

  2. JC Reply

    Haha. I’ll wrestle you anytime!!!

    • D$ Reply

      I’ll put 100 on Elaine.

      • currin Reply

        We can take her… It just needs to be a team WOD

  3. hal monsini Reply

    Nice job tonight for the first first round. Thinking one more time on sunday? Maybe… lol Love going head to head against our champion! Nice job Bravo

  4. Darren Reply

    You guys are so effin sexy doing burpees

  5. currin Reply

    Great WOD this morning… Thanks D$ for the coaching!

    Open WOD 12.1 – 113 reps…. Pumped with this score! Great job everyone @ 5:30 and happy B-day JC!

    • A.Del Reply

      Awesome job, Currin!!

    • D$ Reply

      Great work…looking for 1 more next time.

  6. A.Del Reply

    Open WOD 12.1 – 87 reps

    Happy Birthday Coach!!

  7. D$ Reply

    Open WOD 12.1-66 reps

    Blinded by the light. That’s my exuse and I’m sticking to it.

  8. Blizz Reply

    Wow! Great numbers guys! Open WOD 12.1 — 88 reps.

  9. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    Open WOD 12.1
    105 Burpees

    Thanks to Sonia and Darby for Pushing me through this one!

  10. "CC" Engine Reply

    Open WOD 12.1 – 64. Burp! 😉 Happy bday to my beautiful son!! 🙂

  11. Steven Smith Reply

    WOD 12.1 – 88

  12. JohnF Reply

    Open WOD 12.1

    90 burpees. Gonna give it one more try tomorrow or Sunday.

    Happy birthday Jason, hope you had a great day!

  13. Big Sexy Reply

    100 burpees…to…the…face!

  14. Ethan Reply

    WOD 12.1 – 85 Burpees

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