2.25.16 “FIT THURSDAY”

February 24, 2016



– 5 Rounds of:

100m slam ball Run (30,40,50)

10 Slam ball Overhead lunges

10 Slam ball sit ups

10 Box Jumps (low) w/ Med ball in hand or steps ups

10 Push ups with hand on med ball


Tabata style
Class Choice
5 minutes

The coach will ask a new athlete every :20 to pick a core exercise to perform for each Tabata cycle. Continue around the room for 5 minutes.

Wod 1

– Complete AFAFP

200m run

30 Burpees

40 Barbell Back Squat Jumps (45/35)

50 Mountain Climbers (1+1=2)

60 Double Unders (3x singles)

800m Run

Wod 2

– Complete AFAFP

1000m Row

10 Wall Walks

50 Ab Mat Sit Ups

35/25 HR Push ups



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  1. TRex Reply

    I’m worn out just reading this! See you in the morning!

  2. Willhuntforfood Reply

    Team rac
    Andy 13:45 3x singles
    Tim 14/15 rx

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