2.28.12 "Isabel"

February 27, 2012

Let’s hear it for all our Master’s Athletes!!! They are all ranked 14th or higher in their age brackets.

Bananas was flying today!!! 10+ rounds!

Nator is currently 14th in the World!!!

Overhead Squats 5×3 Heavy

30 Snatches for Time (135,95)

Buy In or Cashout:
3 rounds of max pullups
Rest 1 min exactly

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  1. currin Reply

    Nice work Nator!!! Keep it up in week 2..

  2. A.Del Reply

    Nice job Page!!

    Isabel – 3:12 (60#)

    I just couldn’t do the pull ups today. grrrr!

  3. Ryan Blake Reply

    I love snatches

  4. Kara Reply

    I understand A Del >:( Same problem for me too! I’m going to make it part of my warm-up…along with DUs! 😛

    P.S. You still have a sick nasty awesome kip! 😉

  5. willhuntforfood Reply

    5×3 worked up to 165 and then stopped

    8:26 RX, 2 of us shared a bar and no bumpers so we had to lower the bar and not drop. Could have done better!

  6. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    Isabel: 13:00 Rx

    My form was all over the place

    Cashed out with 20/10/10 pullups. It was one slippery bar!

  7. Steven Smith Reply

    145 OHS
    6;24 Isabel (95#)
    Pull ups 25,9,9

  8. Joe Kelleher Reply

    135 ohs
    Isabel 115# 4:11
    pull ups 30,15,10

  9. Collz Reply

    Yeah Nator!!!! All that hard work is paying off:)
    OHS still needs some serious work-45# working on form
    Isabel – 5:13 75#
    Class was packed & fun tonight! Good work everyone!!!

  10. Bravo Reply

    3:06 Rx
    Packed house again. Great to see everyone working so hard.

    5×3 OHS 115 working up to 185 … Fail 185… Boo
    Need to put in more strength training days

  11. "CC" Engine Reply

    Woah Nator! Congrats!!! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  12. Page Lockhart Reply

    Thx everyone.. Keeping up w all u young
    Amazing athletes has helped Nator.
    Lots to work on tho. OHS up to #65.
    Isabel 2:42 #55
    2 movements to really work at.
    Go BFC. Let’s go show the world who
    We are.!!

  13. Ryan Blake Reply

    5×3 up to 185 ohs

    4:14 Rx

    I love me some hip drive. Time For a nailbiter for 8pm. Amrap burpee box jumps anyone?

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