2.3.12 Game Day 3.12

February 02, 2012

It’s Game Day again!
Getting close to the Opens!!
Are you Ready!!!

Game Faces: Hal, Joe and Tim

1RM Over Head Squat

Game Day 3.12
3 Rounds for Max Reps of:
1 minute Overhead Squats (95,65)
1 minute Burpees
1 minute Toes To Bar

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  1. Currin Reply

    Max OHS – 185# A PR by 60#s

    Gamday WOD 3 – 127 Rx really need to work on T2B!

    • A.Del Reply

      Nice job Currin – That’s an amazing OHS!!

    • D$ Reply

      Awesome job..I hope Jason’s cousin Bobby got that on video for you.

  2. A.Del Reply

    Max OHS – 85# PR

    Gameday WOD 3.12 – 81 Rx I need to get better at snatching. I lost a lot of time cleaning, then pressing the 65#. I also pulled a muscle trying to snatch. I want another shot at this one!

  3. Kathy A Reply

    Is it me? Or does it seem like the shorter the workout the harder it is!!!!

  4. Page Lockhart Reply

    Kathy u r so very right!! Short WODs
    Kick booty. Speaking of booty, I found
    A new low today and PR’d my OHS #75.
    Game Day 3.12 -92 (55#)
    need to get those T2B too.
    Great coaching from CC and JC

  5. willhuntforfood Reply

    MAX OHS- 185lb, had to stop there, arm not feeling right, felt good though, could have gone over my 215 pr I believe

    Game Day 3
    132 RX

  6. D$ Reply


  7. Big Sexy Reply

    Game Day 3
    88 reps Rx

    What number does terrible represent D$? Make up for it in the a.m. With your sat morning crew

  8. "CC" Reply

    Max OHS – 45#. (1st X doin OHS) They’re tuff! All about form! Fell on my butt during the rounds, Lol! but got better form on 2nd & 3rd rounds! 🙂 Coach Nator (& JC) kept me going!! Game Day 3.12 – 96 (35#, Knee ups) Was fun bein a partner w Nator, she’s awesome 🙂

  9. Kara Son Reply

    Another great day of teamwork! Teamed up with Pat again! 😀

    95 Rx

    I need to work on T2B! I could only get 5 reps per round– I could’ve broken 100 points if I only had T2B…add that to my personal goat list with DUs & snatces! 🙂

  10. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    Max OHS 155
    Had to stop for noobish reasons! I was uncomfortable catching the bar on my neck.

    Game Day 3

    158 rx

    Round 1: 20, 20, 20
    Round 2: 15, 20, 15
    Round 3: 15, 15, 18

    Interesting to say the least… Could have gamed it a bit better for a better score


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