2.4.12 "Space Balls"

February 03, 2012

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“Flexi-Mammals Exercising”

Space Balls
7 Clean n Jerks (135,95)
14 burpee bar hops
800 m Run
7 burpee pullups
14 KB Swings (70,53)

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  1. Big Sexy Reply

    SPACE BALLS 19:03 (135#, 53# KB)

  2. P$ Reply

    Space balls – yeah buddy!!

    P$ – 24:02 Rx
    Young $ – 17:06 Rx. The kid is a beast!

  3. Darby Reply

    Space balls 15:53 Rx

    No more F’Ing Burpees!!!

  4. Ryan Blake Reply

    I’m boycotting burpess.

  5. D$ Reply

    SPACE BALLS 26:27 Rx….Still hurting.

    P$ and Young$ kept me going.

  6. Kara Reply

    Space Balls – 20:34 Rx

    I waited to post my time for this WOD so I could think of a caption for Dyin’ Don’s photo…too bad my mind isn’t clever or dirty enough to think of a good one 😛 I have a feeling D$ could come up with a bunch of great captions! 😉

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