February 03, 2016


Warm up:
Teams of 2
One rows while the other performs Max Situps each round. Your score is total situps accumulated between both partners.
Row 100
Partner does max situps
Switch and partner 2 rows 100m
Row 200
Partner does max situps
Switch – same as above
Row 300
Max situps – same as above
Row 400
Max Situps – same as above
Row 500
Max Situps – same as above

2 Minute FIT Test:
Max double unders or single unders

Wod 1
3 rounds
:45seconds works
:15 seconds rest

Slam ball or Plate GTO
Ring Rows
KB Russian Swings
Hanging Knee Raise or T2B

Wod 2
3 rounds
:30 seconds each no rest
KB Step Ups Right Leg
(Hold one KB on chest)
KB Lawnmower Row Right Arm
(Lean over in lunge with opposite hand on knee and opposite leg straight back and perform a lawnmower style row)
KB Step up Left
KB Lawnmower Row Left
200m run between rounds
Or if raining 50 double unders or 100 Single unders.



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