2.5.13 "Pull me up Scotty"

February 04, 2013

Active recovery??!

10 Min Pull-ups Practice
Kipping or Butterfly

Pull me up Scotty
3 Rounds
30 Pull-ups
30 Deadlifts (155,105)
30 Box Jumps (24.20)

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  1. T-Rex Reply

    24:00. First 30 pull-ups then rings pull-ups. Great to see everyone this morning. Full CrossFit train today too! Welcome back to the living Stacey!

  2. Mark Reply

    17:59 RX
    Good workout.
    Great to have Technology TRex back in the house……

  3. Sweat Beast Reply

    Gahhhhhhhhhhh. Gonna have to shave my hands before I do this wod.

  4. Adam Reply

    Great to see T-Rex completed ‘elements’ and can now WOD! Gotta give JL credit for breaking that out. It was good to have him back.

    21:13 RX – even with gloves, I still got a blister on each hand. I love to hate the pull ups. Can’t wait to do more!!!

  5. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    Pete: 15:12 Rx
    Brian: 17:00 Rx
    Paul: 17:30 Rx
    Andy: 19:20 Rx

  6. Caroline C. Reply

    Hola! I did yesterday’s “Air Force One” as the Crossfit Fenway WOD I did yesterday was almost identical to today’s. My OHS aren’t very strong so I opted to go light and fast at 45#

    AFO – 12:50

    Loved being in the gym today!

  7. Andrea :) Reply

    Pull me up Scotty 14:44 (scaled to 15 pull-ups per round)

  8. CC Engine Reply

    26:27 – DL – RX :), green pull up, 16″ box. Great 630 p class!!! Thx ‘Nator!
    Fun fun fun, ha ha!!!

  9. Pat D. Reply

    22:05 – #115 and ring rows

  10. JC Reply

    JC 9:50rx

    Awesome 5:30pm class.

  11. Hercules Reply

    I thought my 13:50 was good, but loved watching j.c. do this one. Awesome. I love being coached by the best!

  12. Sweat beast Reply

    I had a negative time after this one. 15 something. To busy hacking up a lung.

    Gotta love feeling uncomfortable

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