2.6.12 "Helen"

February 05, 2012

Hercules and his stallions!!!

Push Jerk 5×3 heavy

3 Rounds
400m Run
21 KB Swings (53,35)
12 Pullups

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  1. Currin Reply

    Push Jerk … 185#

    “Helen” – 9:45Rx PR – My previous time was 11:16 so a pretty good improvement.

    Pats lose, I PR today’s WOD… going to be a good day!

    • D$ Reply

      Great job James.

  2. Smitty Reply

    Push Jerk 155# R

  3. Smitty Reply

    Push Jerk 155# Rough Sunday diet didn’t help heavy weight lifting.
    Helen 12:52 (PR -6:27) I do not echo Currin’s sentiment—I wanted the Pats although I am not a homer so I wasn’t mortified as others were.

  4. D$ Reply

    Push Jerk 175 PR. Going to try 185 next time.

    Helen 14:52 Rx Under 15 was the goal.

  5. Page Lockhart Reply

    Fun class this a m. W the Lords back!!
    85# push jerk. Next time goin 4 it!
    Helen: 11:00 Rx
    Trying to keep up w Bravo & the Rooster
    On the runs.

  6. Big Sexy Reply

    Helen 13:26 Rx

  7. Bravo Reply

    9:46 Rx

    Push Jerked my way up to 205#

    A week of rum punch, potatoes and ice cream (8 lbs gain in one week) was well worth it, except for a WOD like this on Monday morning. It’s Game Time Now (or in a week when I work out the kinks from vaca). Crushing WOD’s and eating clean putting CFB on the map!!!

    Currin – I held up a second or two so I wouldn’t beat you … just being a nice guy .. kidding … great job and nice PR .. crossfit must work.

    • Currin Reply

      Ha.. can’t remember the last time I actually beat your score… I guess I should enjoy it while I can..

      Keep up the good work

  8. willhuntforfood Reply

    Hungover Helen

    Passed on the push jerks, head banging too much

    Helen- 13:11 RX about 4 minutes off my PR and I almost puked!

    Felt better after getting a sweat in!

  9. Collz Reply

    I would like to thank Helen for kicking my ass today!!! Im with Bravo ..think I was sweating out rum punch & fried bananas today so this is exactly what i needed!!! Ugh def had fun in Barbados but paid for it today and I’m NOT getting on scale until I have a few more WODs and days of clean eating under my belt!!!

    Helen-13:24 RX-first time RX so it was a PR but will be good to see what it would be under normal circumstances.
    Great work everyone else!!!!!

  10. A.Del Reply

    Push jerk -90#
    Helen – 13:57 Rx (PR)

  11. Cuch Reply

    Helen 10:13rx pr!! I need to get running!!
    5×3 jerk 110#

  12. Ethan Reply

    “Helen” 11:48 RX. PR by about a minute

  13. hal monsini Reply

    “Helen” 9:11 RX. No rum punch for me yest. 145 lbs on the jerk, shoulder still on the mend but feeling good!

  14. "CC" Reply

    Push Jerk 45# (1st X doin). Helen – 17:01 (well it was hard man!) 🙂 26# KB (got HEAVY by 3rd Round! Lol!) G&R bands & still hard time w pull ups! They’re hardest thing 4 me excpt 4 D.U.’s, but I finally did my 1st one today! Woohoo – I was so happy! Can do them now, but just 1, aftr 3-4 wks tryin! 🙂 I am still a newbie! But LUV CF! & LUV THE CAMARADERIE W FELLOW CF’ERS!

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