2.7.13 "GI Joe"

February 06, 2013

Meet Russel “the muscle”!

3RM Weighted Push-ups

GI Joe
For Time:
100 Burpee Box Jumps

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  1. Soniablade Reply

    3RM push Ups: 45#
    GI Joe: 13:10
    My endurance is my monster Goat!
    Then Clean Ladder (practice for Triton)
    Topped out at 185# (PR) yay 🙂

    • Ninja Reply

      Wow Sonia, thats is almost as much as me.. beast mode.. lol

  2. JC Reply

    Nice job blade.
    Emotm 10
    Snatch 155

    Clean ladder
    265–failed 275 twice. Will get it Monday.

    GI joe

  3. Andrea :) Reply

    3RM push ups 30×3, 32.5×2

    GI Joe 11:21 Rx

  4. CC Engine Reply

    Didn’t do strength, did the 3 rounds warm up of KB Swings, situps, pistols & added push ups…
    GI Joe – 17:02! 😛 Ha Ha! 100 Burpee Box Jumps! Yeah I did It!!!!! 🙂 🙂
    Good 530 p class with the ‘Nator!

  5. little sexy Reply

    What a bummer. I am stuck home all this week with a bad case of the flu!! Hope to be back next week. I miss everyone!!! Paleo Challangers keep up the good work. You are almost there!!!

  6. big sexy Reply

    Gi Joe- 9:50

    C&J EMOTM 10- up to 195#, failed 205#. Almost back to pre-surgery strength.

    500m row- 1:24.4 (pr)

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