2.9.12 Team Medball Relay

February 08, 2012

Guest appearance: Tim aka WillHuntForFood

Lovin lunges!!!

1a)Heavy Clean Pulls 4×3 @ 120%max clean
1b) Max Rep Strict C2B Pullups any grip
Rest about 60sec between sets. Alternate between a/b

Team MedBall Relay
Teams of 2(same ability)
200m Med ball Run (20,14)
10 Partner Medball Situp Throws
–One teammate works at a time. First teamate completes the run and situps. After 10th throw second teammate can start their run. Every time the ball is dropped it is a 5 burpee penalty each to be done at the end of the WOD. Ball must touch the ground overhead while doing the Situp. Coach will help keep track of penalties.

– Post scores to comments



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  1. Big Sexy Reply

    Team Big Sexy Honey Badger Conquistadors 2 the Face
    7 rounds + 200m

    10-9-7-8 PUs / 185# clean pulls (still cautious of the back)

    • Currin Reply

      Honey Badger don’t give a #@%$!

  2. willhuntforfood Reply

    Team Med Ball

    Tim – Brian – 8 rounds RX, going for 9 next time!
    Bob – Andy- 8 rounds 12lb ball

  3. Kara Reply

    1. “WillHuntForFood” – The mystery man has been identified! One of these days, I’ll have to come up with a nickname & starting posting. Actually, how does that work? Do we get to choose our nicknames, or are they just given to us like presents?
    2. Team challenges Thursdays are so much fun! Andrea, I’m sorry we didn’t come up with a team name, but I thought we did a great job as a team today! You kicked butt on the med ball runs!!!
    3. Team Andrea & Kara: 6 rounds + 125m (I just did regular med ball situps bc of my shoulder)
    4. I forgot to record my results for the Strength workout…but I did chin-ups (underhand grip) because it doesn’t strain my shoulder. (#145)
    5. DUs afterwards with the Conquistador– I need to keep practicing! πŸ˜›

  4. Smitty Reply

    darren/smitty 6 1/2 RX

  5. Ryan Blake Reply

    Tebow’s Virginity

    7 + 200m rx

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