3.19.13 "The Great Gatsby"

March 18, 2013

Than is the master of Strict Pull-ups!!!

The Calm before the Storm!!!

10 Mins to establish a
1RM Hang Power Clean

The Great Gatsby
5 Rounds
20 Burpees
15 Hang Power Cleans (135,95)
400m Row or 400m Run
Pick whichever you need work at more.




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  1. Adam Reply

    Glad to see 2 new faces in the 5:30 AM. Gina and Lucas, welcome to the dark side!

    Strength: 170#

    WOD: 32:09 (RX) This one was a grind. The HPCs were the biggest challenge. I felt like they were improving deeper into the WOD.

    • TRex Reply

      I’m going tonight. I’ll see you Thursday (maybe tomorrow).

  2. Mantis Reply

    Trex we’ll be there at 6:30 pm tonight 🙂

    • TRex Reply

      Awesome! Totally dragging…. So I’ll need y’all’s energy to get me goin’….

  3. Kyle Reply

    Strength: 145#

    24:33 (95#)
    Felt really good tonight

  4. CC Engine Reply

    36:35 – subbed 115# deadlifts instead of HPC.
    5 rounds.
    20 burpees
    15 115# d.l.
    400 m Run. In & out of puddles! Lol!
    The gym was packed and jammin tonight! 🙂

    • CC Engine Reply

      sub with deadlifts because elbow sore on and off since my last power cleans.

  5. T-Rex Reply

    Strength 155#. 31:20 on WOD, #115. Transition to far end of gym slowed me down, and of course the hanging cleans. Great 5:30am crew there tonight too! Felt great to sweat it some of this cold I caught. Now it’s bed time!

    • T-Rex Reply

      Oh yeah, ran in the rain outside too…

  6. Leo Reply

    Strength #145, 32:23 using #115 and running outside with the rest of the Puddle Jumpers lol

  7. Tricia Reply

    Strength – PR on the 1RM hang clean 85#
    27:46 with 65# on the hang clean

    • Andrea Reply

      I love seeing how much progress you are making! Keep it up.

  8. justin Reply

    The great Gatsby-23:00 rx (row)

    215#hang clean

  9. JC Reply

    Great PR Tricia! Nice WOD big sexy and everyone else.
    HPC 265 PR!
    GG 20:02 RX (row)
    felt great even at 730pm. After the humongous 630pm class.

  10. Cat Reply

    HPC: 115#
    GG: 29;53…happy to finish that dog.
    Thanks Mantis for the help on my last round of hang cleans and the push to get me done! I needed it. Tricia…so proud of you girl!! First a PR during 13.2, now tonight too…you in beast mode for sure. Love the fact that the entire box was filled to the brim for the 6:30pm class. The walls were busting with the energy.

  11. Sara R Reply

    1RM HPC 90# – a PR for me
    GG 32:31 75# and row – that was a tough one!
    Crazy big 6:30pm class tonight brought so much energy!!

  12. Big joe Reply

    225 strength hpc 26:49 RX WOD running through the puddles

  13. Andrea Reply

    110# HPC

    GG 29:13 (2 rounds @ 85#, 3 rounds @ 65#)

    I really struggled last night. I felt like I was going to pass out every time I got off the rower and just couldn’t keep lifting that weight. Today it all makes sense – I have a chest cold. I feel like there is an elephant sitting on my chest. 🙁

  14. CC Engine Reply

    U acknowledge others but great job urself JC!! We’re just following the leader! Lol! 🙂 & Awesome job all!! even w the rain, poodles everywhere outside, and some sick with colds!! (Oh & nursing injuries!) Keep plugging away & breaking all those barriors!! 😉

  15. CC Engine Reply

    ** barriers?? Lol

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