3.4.14 "Aces Up"

March 03, 2014

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Open WOD 14.1 is behind us. I Can’t wait to see what this weeks OPEN WOD will be!!!
Amazing Scores by all athletes. We are so proud of the entire CFB/CFD family. You have all made each rep more and more worth it.

As you can see in the standings. Every Second Counts! Every Rep Counts! If you slow down then everyone passes you! Keep that in mind this week and Keep moving forward! Get ready for 14.2 and get some!!!


10 Minutes to Establish:
1 Heavy Power Clean + 1 Heavy Push Jerk

“Aces Up”
4 Rounds
5 Power Clean (135,95)
5 Front Squat
5 Jerks
5 Muscle Ups

Scale For 5 MU Today:
L1-10 Chest to Bars + 5 Ring Dips
L2-10 Pullups + 10 Close Grip(Tricep) Pushups

15 Minute Cap

15 Minute Cap


2 Hang Squat Cleans + 1 Split Jerk
Start at 50-60% – add weight each set

“Aces Up”
4 Rounds
5 Power Clean (165,110)
5 Front Squat
5 Jerks
5 Muscle Ups

Endurance WOD

3x Max UB T2B
3×10 Pistols or Box Pistols
3×15 Low Back Extensions

(Mon, Tue or Wed)
Run, Row, Bike or Swim
2 Minutes On
2 Minutes Off
4 Minutes On
3 Minutes Off
6 Minutes On
4 Minutes Off
8 Minutes On


March 8th – Saturday – 10am
The “SKILLZ” Course
with Coach Keith Lupien
Each week will focus on a different SKILL
This first week will be:
“The PULLUP Clinic”
Hosted at CrossFit Bridgewater



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  1. Don E Reply

    12:21 L1 @135#

  2. Adam Reply

    Strength: Worked up to 205# for 1. Was able to clean 215#, but lost it on the press. This is a PR!!!

    WOD: 12:31 L1 @ 135# (half of the chest 2 bars were pull ups)

    Saw lots of great efforts with the Crack O’ Dawn crew!!!

  3. neon joe Reply

    Worked up to 185# power clean and push jerk then cleaned195# no jerk timed out on the wod at 3+13

  4. Almen Reply

    14:58 Scaled down the MU 2-3

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