3.7.13 "Open WOD 13.1"

March 06, 2013

Elaine will win the Masters!!!

Is Josh.O the next competitor?!

Open WOD 13.1

AMRAP 17 minutes of:
40 Burpees to target
75 pound Snatch, 30 reps
30 Burpees to target
135 pound Snatch, 30 reps
20 Burpees to target
165 pound Snatch, 30 reps
10 burpees to target
210 pound Snatch, as many reps as possible

Snatch 45,75,100,120

Men’s masters 55+
Snatch 45,75,100,120

Women’s masters 55+
Snatch 35,55,75,100

Special Tiebreak

In this workout, we are using a special tiebreak method. At the end of each round of 30 Snatches, time should be marked. Specifically, as soon as the 30th Snatch at 75 pounds for men is complete, time should be marked. As soon as the 30th Snatch at 135 pounds is complete, time should be marked. The same at the 30th rep at 165 pounds, if you get there. When you submit your final result, your score will be the number of reps completed. There will be another field in which you will enter the time of the last completed sets of Snatches, whichever that may be.

For example, a male athlete finishes all the reps up to and including 10 Snatches at 165 pounds, for a total of 160 reps. This is his score. He also finished the 30th Snatch at 75 pounds in 3:52, and the 30th Snatch at 135 pounds in 13:10. In this case he will enter 13:10 as his time in the tiebreak field since this was the time of completion of his final set of Snatches. This athlete would be ranked above someone who got 160 reps and a tiebreak time of 14:00, but below someone with 160 reps and a tiebreak time of 12:00.

Note: All tiebreak times must be reported in elapsed time, not in time remaining. If you are using a countdown timer, you must convert to elapsed time before reporting your score. For this reason, it is recommended that you set your clock to count up.

“I have the taste of blood in my mouth”




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  1. Mark Reply

    13.1 106

  2. Andrea :) Reply

    13.1 126.

    I’m happy with that! Snatches are still a goat, but are improving.

  3. Jcurrin Reply

    Simply happy I made it through the 135# snatches.. Last year for a similar snatch ladder I was only able to get 47 reps.

    13.1 – 142 reps. Fell short of my target of 151 so I’ll give it another go this weekend.

    Great to be back in the box this morning!

  4. TRex Reply

    Great 5:30am crowd this morning. 13.1 – 100, 6:16 for tie breaker, haha. My max for snatch is 125, so knew I’d have trouble. John ALMOST had it. Currin was a beast today! I should have just finished the rest of the workout at 125# – next time.

  5. Caroline C. Reply

    WOD 13.1: 104 Rx

    It’s not a “competitive” score per se, but my goal isn’t Regionals. Actually, despite some certain unprintable words during the second round of snatches when I didn’t quite get it up (snort, haha), I was pretty happy with doing 4 reps at all, as 75# was my previous 1RM @_@ So four reps AFTER all that other crap …

    This WOD taught me something too. One of the 75# reps felt ridiculously easy – so much so that I staggered all around trying not to drop it because I wasn’t expecting it to get up there. This tells me I need to focus on form a bit more and it also tells me that 75# is not only within my grasp, but I could be doing even more than that.

    And THAT is precisely why I’m doing the Open. Not to go to Regionals (this year anyway), but to not give myself excuses to scale down. I can see where I am actually selling myself short and stop doing it ^_^

  6. big joe Reply

    13.1 121 6:33 tiebreaker I think. First time doing target burpees that is definitely a game changer, but snatches felt good.

  7. Big Sexy Reply

    13.1 – 134 rx (4:47,16:48)

    Nice job Currin, I’m coming after you on Sunday, lol! Manning sucks!

    • currin Reply

      Nice work!! Hopefully we can both get through the set of 20 Burpees on Sunday!!!

      BTW…. Only in New England can the CrossFit opens turn into a Manning vs Brady issue… Pats = burpees… They SUCK!!!

  8. Willhuntforfood Reply

    Team rac
    Pete 119, 19 @135
    Tim 160, 40,70,85 1 arm db snatch 10@85
    Paul 137, 74,95
    Brian 120, 75,115

  9. Kristin Reply

    158 11:59
    Everyone worked so hard…Great energy!
    Nice score Mantis!

  10. Mantis Reply

    Thanks Kristin. It was fun

  11. jl Reply

    143 Rx… I’m pretty pumped with that seeing as I suck at burpees. Wish I had gotten to the 100#…next time!

    • Andrea :) Reply

      Nice job! Next time ill do your burpees and you can do my snatches!

      • jl Reply


  12. CC Engine Reply

    150 with 35#, 45#. But very happy with that. Finished the 20 burpees with 5 seconds left.Just glad I didn’t throw up! Lol!

  13. CC Engine Reply

    I’m in my own class ha ha! Anyway great big crew at 630 pm with Coaches Nator JC Elaine… Fun time while it snows AGAIN out!!! Lol! 😉

  14. Sara R Reply

    Only 100 Rx, couldn’t get those 75# up, though I tried like hell!!
    Love the energy in the box with Opens!!

  15. Shan Reply

    101 RX I know I could do more 75lb snatches I know I can and totally tempted to do this wod again to get a better score!
    I finished off the second round of snatches at #65 I’m upset with myself that I didn’t try more at the 75 I was just focused on the reps. After that was able to complete 6 burpees!! Loved tonight’s 6:30pm energy it was amazing!! Everyone did a great job!!!

  16. Cat Reply

    13.1: 145 Rx Super happy seeing as I did not think I’d get any of the 75# snatches. My partner LoLo (aka Lauren Fahey…BEAST!) made me believe I could and Coach Nugz was in my head…”get under the bar, one at a time, use your hips, and don’t be a bitch Cat.” 🙂 And I already have my improvement plan ready for Sunday. Everyone worked so hard tonight, it was awesome to see. Sara R..never start with “Only” again.

    • Sara R Reply

      You’re right Cat, will never happen again 🙂

  17. PDiddy Reply

    13.1 110 Rx
    Went in expecting more. Wish I did it during the week.

  18. Tricia Reply

    13.1 – 101RX, PR’d my snatch, got one 75# !!! Thanks Sara for being my judge and keeping me focused. Sunday workout was intense, energetic and makes me love the box even more. Good job everyone!!

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