4.15.14 "Taut and Tone"

April 14, 2014


Wendler is back!!! We will be starting a new strength program this week, it is important that you work off your most recent 1RM or work off a number 10lbs less than your 1RM that you know you can hit no problem. We will be focusing on the Deadlift, Strict Press and High Bar Back Squat. The schedule will be rotating and not always on the same days each week. If you miss a day it can be made up the next day.

5@65%, 5@75%, 5 or more @85%
the last set of Wendler is always as many reps as possible.
Rest only :90-:120 seconds between rounds

15 minute cap

“Taut and Tone”
5 Rounds
12 Box Steps Ups 20″ (use kettlebells or dumbells about 30-106lbs total weight)
10 Toe 2 Bars
8 Burpees
-Step ups are 6 each leg, both feet up then both feet down is one rep.
12 Minute cap
15 Minute practice
Handstand Holds
Presses to Handstand
Free standing HSPU2. STRENGTH
1 Snatch Pull + 1 Hang Power Snatch (below the knee)
work up to a heavy but extremely explosive rep3. METCON
5 Rounds
300m Row
10 DB 1-Arm Snatches from ground (70,50) each side
10 Burpees
Rest 3 Minutes exactly or 1:1 if greater than 3 minutes

4. 1 Mile Recovery Run


ENDURANCE (from crossfitendurance.com)
(Mon Tue or WED)
6-10 Sets
Swim : Repeat :60 on, :90 off until form/pace deteriorates
Bike : Repeat :60 on, :90 off until form/pace deteriorates
Run : Repeat :60 on, :90 off until form/pace deteriorates
Row : Repeat :60 on, :90 off until form/pace deteriorates
a. 4x 20 Back Ext.
b. 4x 10 BB Upright Rows


EVERY Saturday – 10am
The “SKILLZ” Course
with Coach Keith Lupien
Each week will focus on a different SKILL
Hosted at CrossFit Bridgewater

May 4th – Sunday
“Barbell BeatDown”
Team Competition
at Whaling City CrossFit
Teams of 2 Same Sex
RX and Scaled Divisions
Sign up here:

April 27th – Sunday
2pm at CFB and 6Pm at CFD
Wild Tree Cooking Workshop
Learn 10 Paleo Crock Pot Recipes
and prep them for the weeks ahead.

May 30-June 1st
Reebok CrossFit Games NorthEast Regionals
Canton, MA
Tickets available now on games.crossfit.com or follow this link:



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  1. Almen Reply

    4+25 #53lb KB

  2. Don E Reply

    8:52 (Two 40# Dbls, Knee2Elbow)
    65% 5sets of 5 @240
    75%, 3sets of 5 @275
    85% 0sets 0x310
    Obviously I wasn’t paying attention, was thinking it was 5 sets of five then time ran out errggg!!

  3. neon joe Reply

    65%@225 75%@260 85%@295+10 wod9:19 35#

  4. Adam Reply


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