10.11.11 "Two x Four"

October 10, 2011

Knees Out! Show me the Armpits!! Perfect!!!

Snatch 3x5sets Heavy

“Two x Four”
Max reps in 2mins of:
Double Unders
Snatch (95,65)
Box Jumps

Continuous clock with no rest. Record max of each exercise for leaderboard and then total reps. Feet must be touching wall on last HSPU to count.

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  1. Bravo Reply

    “Two x Four”
    HSPU’s – 22
    Double Unders – 138
    Snatch – 18
    Box Jumps – 39
    Time snuck up on ya pretty quick … should have got a look more reps

    Snatch 135# x3 … got 155# yesterday after my miserable clean/burpee WOD

  2. willhuntforfood Reply

    on MOD WOD’s for the next couple weeks due to arm

    3 RFT
    400m run
    20 box jump- 24″
    20 situps

    10:23 RX

  3. Cuch Reply

    Box Jumps-48

    That was tough, but did rx! Want to see def improvement.
    Heavy snatch #75 2x

  4. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    “Two x Four”
    HSPU’s – 28
    Double Unders – 110
    Snatch – 20
    Box Jumps – 54

    Total (212)
    Could have rocked more double-unders in hindsight.
    snatches were brutal coming off those DU’s!


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