5.1.12 Scream n Go Naked

April 30, 2012

Cashout King! Hard work pays off!!!

1 Rep Max Overhead Squat

Scream n Go Naked
5 Rounds
2 Snatches (115,80)
4 Overhead Squats (115,80)
6 Jerks (115,80)

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  1. Ethan Reply

    Just looked at the before pics from the Paleo Challenege… crazy results. Shout out to Big Sexy… great stuff man. Hard work pays off indeed.

  2. Jeff Reply

    Still working on technique… Looking forward to doing this with heavier weight! 95# 11:25 74#. Thanks for the extra help today on technique. Glad Mark made it today! Yeah! ….and we both made it to the train in time….

  3. currin Reply

    Max OHS – 195#

    “Scream n Go Naked” – 9:41 Rx

  4. Andrea :) Reply

    OHS – 100# (PR)

    Scream n Go Naked – 10:38 (55#)

  5. Ryan Blake Reply

    This looks like a Ryan workout.

  6. Big Sexy Reply

    OHS 155# x 1 (PR)
    Darren crushed it @ 195# OHS, YEAH BUDDY!

    “Naked Screaming” – 14:50 Rx (115#)
    5 rnds
    2 squat snatches
    4 OHS
    6 Jerks
    200m run

    KashOut – 75 (45#) terminators, 100 DUs (3:34), 4 sets of 10 (40# double vest) Kipping PUs

    • Big Sexy Reply

      Second KashOut

      10 Rnds

      Sprint 30s (Speed 10 / Incline 10)
      Rest 30s

      After the first round, the sprinting 30s seems to last forever and the rest 30s goes by way too fast.

      Spent some great quality bromance bonding time with sweaty.

  7. Bravo Reply

    OHS 185#
    no push on the OHS this morning

    7:50 Rx

    early morning after party
    100 hollow rocks

  8. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    OHS – worked up to 205, had a little more

    Tim 8:20 RX
    Andy 10:20 RX
    Brian 9:40 95lb

  9. Riskybiz Reply

    Missing you guys, out of commission with tooth probs, getting pulled tomorrow so hopefully catch you guys Thursday!

  10. Ryan Blake Reply

    OHS- 225 pr feel like I might be able to go heavier!

    Scream n go naked

    9:35 rx

    I need to lose weight then I’ll crush friggin Hercules on the run, I’m too fat…

    Cash out:
    10 rounds of sprints

    10 Incline
    10 speed
    30 secs on 30 secs off

    Quality bromance time with Sweat and Sex.

  11. Page Lockhart Reply

    OHS- 75#
    Screaming naked: 11:07 (55#)
    We were all stylin today in out kicks
    and socks..so what about our times..lol
    We were sexy and we looked good.
    Let’s see who can bring it tomm.!?

  12. hal monsini Reply

    Ha ha, Ryan your too funny! SGN 925. OHS 175 PR.

  13. 420 Reply

    1407 250 m row, friggin Achilles!! 195 ohs, felt like I has more, thanks for the shout sexy, and Ryan, you would have to gain about 50 lbs in the form of a bike, to beat hal

  14. Blizz Reply

    Im not sure I’d recommend doing it — but missing a few weeks and coming back to this box will give you a great appreciation for how much all of you guys kick ass. Thanks for the push on this workout. Glad to call CFB home.

    OHS – 145#
    “Scream n Go Naked” – 13:00 (95#)

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