5.12.12 Cleaning Cindy

May 11, 2012

Nice Elbows! Kelly kel

Cleaning Cindy
Power Clean (155/115)
*Perform one round of β€œCindy”(5 pullups 10 pushups 15 air squats) following each set of Power Cleans.

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  1. Kelly Reply

    Hey that’s me! πŸ™‚ I was trying not to die! Ha

    • Big Sexy Reply

      Nice hkgh elbows…looking good!

      • Big Sexy Reply


  2. BACON Reply

    Yay kelly!

  3. CC Engine Reply

    @Kelly – Nice! πŸ™‚

  4. Big Sexy Reply

    Cleaning Cindy – 19:06 rx

  5. Helen Reply

    Cleaning Cindy and company..got me fired up..burned out..reduced to cinders and ash. Got so into the WOD, forgot to check time, but under 27. I love my Coach PAGE, she means all the WOD to me! And a big thank you to others who are my exemplars!

    • Big Sexy Reply


  6. CC Engine Reply

    Yea, great comment Helen!!! πŸ™‚

  7. Page Lockhart Reply

    Amazing WOD… Cinders is right!!
    Competitors did this too and also
    were FIRED UP. Mt Saint Helen erupted.
    Tried to catch Big Sexy but not !!
    19:27 (85#)
    Tires after was Flippin hard.
    Teammates like Bravo, Ethan, & Ryan
    make Nator strong!

  8. Kass Reply

    17:07 rx today for the competitors training! I had a blast with everyone and am really looking forward to saturday training. Good job corrin, we gotta wod together more!!

  9. JC Reply

    Awesome Energy on Saturday!!!
    Suns out Guns out!!!

    Clean Chris 13:53rx —plus the heavy collars…lol

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