5.13.14 "2k Row and Squats"

May 12, 2014

We want to all Give a Special Congratulations to Kyle Cabral and Heather MacMaster!

These Love Birds are Recently Engaged!!

Best Wishes to the Most Fashionable Couple on the Planet!!!



Wendler Week 5

High Bar back Squat

5@67.5%, 5@77.5%, 5@87.5%

“2K Row”

For the Leaderboard






Outlaw Connectivity of the day



1 High Hang Snatch-at pockets but vertical torso + 1 Hang Snatch-just below the knee

add weight each set but start at 70% 1RM. Last few sets may stay the same weight. Hit it Heavy!!!


Wendler Week 5

High Bar back Squat

5@67.5%, 5@77.5%, 5@87.5%


“2K Row”






Long Interval (LI)

(Mon, Tue or Wed)

4-6 Rounds

Choose ONE of the following sports:

Swim: Repeat 250m, recover 2:00, until form/pace deteriorates

Bike: Repeat 1.5k, recover 2:00, until form/pace deteriorates

Run: Repeat 800m, recover 2:00, until form/pace deteriorates

Row: Repeat 800m, recover 2:00, until form/pace deteriorates


4×15 each side

Side Plank Crunch





Memorial Day “MURPH”
We will be Open 8am-11am on Memorial day
Heats will Start at 8,9 and 10. Please sign up for heats at the box.
Bring your Body armour or 20lbs Vests for True RX!!!
1 Mile Run
100 Pullups
200 Pushups
300 Sqauts
1 Mile Run
Reps can be partitioned as needed

The “SKILLZ” Course

with Coach Keith Lupien

Every Sunday at 9am

Each week will focus on a different SKILL

Hosted at CrossFit Bridgewater

May 30-June 1st

Reebok CrossFit Games NorthEast Regionals

Canton, MA

Tickets available now on games.crossfit.com or follow this link:


Page Lockhart Fundraiser and CFB 3rd Year Anniversary Party

June 28th


There will be a WOD challenge at 10am, followed by chinese auction and Paleo PotLuck BBQ. We hope all members from Dartmouth and Bridgewater Locations will attend. This is always one of our biggest parties of the Year!!! If anyone has any items they are willing to donate to the raffle please let Mrs. Caldas know. Let’s Rasie money to send our World Famous Nator to the CrossFit Games and Have a blast doing it!!!




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  1. Almen Reply

    HBBS @ 285
    2K Row- 7:45.5 Pr

  2. Adam Reply

    Congrats, Coach Kyle and Heather!

    HBBS: 5@ 215#, 5@ 245#, 5@ 275#

    2000M Row: 7:48.3 PR

  3. neon joe Reply

    195,225,245. 2k row 7:14

  4. Brian Reply

    225/245/275 x 5 Back Squats
    6:53.6 Row… PR!

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