5.14.12 Dead Sexy

May 13, 2012

Karakasie…pulling a DD!!!

Low Bar Back Squat 3×3 @ 85%

Dead Sexy
5 Rounds
15 Deadlifts (225,135)
25 Abmat situps

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  1. RiskyBusiness Reply

    Here we go people… Big week!!!

  2. CC Engine Reply

    Ya, Kara Kazie looks “dead sexy”! Lol! 🙂

  3. currin Reply

    back squat :245

    “dead sexy” – 9:42

  4. Andrea :) Reply

    back squat – 135# (I think I wrote 125 on the board, oops)

    “Dead Sexy” – 11:04 Rx

  5. CC Engine Reply

    Low b.s.3×3 85#. Dead sexy – 14:08 (115#) Good 10am class! 🙂

  6. RiskyBusiness Reply

    Back squat: 315# x 3

    “dead sexy”

    Endurance cashout: rowing
    3 x (125m, 250m, 500m)

    Rest as long as each row takes you, every row is performed all out.

    • Bravo Reply

      Risky must have ate a big bowl of cocoa pebbles this morning … Great time dude!!

  7. Page Lockhart Reply

    115# BS
    Dead Sexy

    Later Nator

  8. Bravo Reply

    Back Squat
    315 for 3, 335 for 2 and legs gave out

    Dead Sexy
    10:27 Rx
    I think I counted wrong … nope I just sucked …

    some great times this morning though … everyone else was on their ‘A’ game and crushing it … no sucking there

    • RiskyBusiness Reply

      I think you counted wrong Johnny 5 lol

      • currin Reply

        I second that, or third… not sure really.. can’t count today!!

  9. JesC Reply

    Back Squat
    135# x 3 – PR

    Dead Sexy
    13:00 (135#)
    If only Jay didn’t change the girls weight to 155# that would’ve been RX 🙂

  10. Elaine Reply

    Big Sexy…ah….ohhhh I mean Dead Sexy 7:15 ish I can’t remember it’s onthe board. 185 3×3 back squat.

  11. hercules Reply

    Night crew, checkin in!!!
    Dead sexy. 8:39. Risky crushed it, AWESOME! Big crew tonight 430 and 530.

  12. Ryan Blake Reply

    8:34 rx


    My legs wernt working on the squats

  13. Corrin Reply

    Back squat 145
    Dead Sexy 7:12 rx.
    Nice work everyone!!!

  14. Norm Reply

    Back squat 225×3 coulda gone up a bit. ..that’ll just make me look that much better next time 🙂

    Dead Sexy – 13:30 – Rx

    Some unbelievable times up there.. Risky thats some good sh** right there man.. Looked up at the clock around 7 mins thought to myself.. damn.. Risky was already done and I’m sucking wind on round 2 LOL.. awesome job everyone..

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