5.16.12 "Hammer"

May 15, 2012


5 Rounds
5 Power Clean (135)
10 Front Squats (135)
5 Push Jerks (135)
20 Pullups
Rest :90sec between rounds

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  1. Kelly Reply

    Yeah Jen!!

  2. Page Lockhart Reply

    Great warrior weds. effort 5:30am class!!
    23:21 (65#)
    Feelin that double Wod yesterday !
    Nator is going to have to suck it
    up and get used to i….

  3. JAC Reply

    Hammer Time!
    24:55 (95#, black band pull ups)
    Wasn’t feeling it the morning, but SOOO glad I made it in! I feel fantastic now! Lots of Crazy 5:30am peeps this morning! Love it!

  4. Andrea :) Reply

    I totally sucked this morning. Yoga and rest tomorrow!

    Hammer – 28:15 (65#, last 3 rounds with the 2 thin bands). I went light, back is really sore.

    • currin Reply

      I hear ya… tomorrow is a well needed rest day. The deadlifts on Monday has me hurting too.. Great work today!

  5. currin Reply

    Yikes… felt like a hammer was dropped on my head….

    “hammer” – 24:02 Rx

    Great class this morning @ 5:30… Couldn’t keep up with the ladies this morning…

  6. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    Team RAC
    Tim 22:26 RX
    Brian 24:02
    Paul 21:58 110lb
    Boob 21:51 95lb

  7. Ryan Blake Reply

    18:33 rx
    Cashed out with the snatch wod.

  8. Ryan Blake Reply

    Also, thanks Jay and Sonia for critique on my snatch set up. I felt rich froning powerful!

  9. BACON Reply

    Oh look its me! :-*

    I did the five rounds! Happy I did… Thanks for the encouragement guys 🙂

    30:34 (65#)

  10. Hercules Reply

    hammer, 22:and change? Tough one, but good.

  11. JC Reply

    I really enjoy Warrior Wednesday and kicking it with the 530 class.
    15:01rx. Unbroken barbell except the last 5 jerks.
    But coach blade said I need to get my chin a Lil higher.
    We all have standards, mine are just a Lil low I guess…lol.

  12. Big Sexy Reply

    Hammer- 27:17 rx(ish)
    135# cleans and front squats, sub 25 abmat situps for jerks ( nursing a shoulder, ended up taking far longer to do situps than jerks), rx pullups.

    Ka$hOut- 50 hollow rockers

  13. CC Engine Reply

    Hammer 5 rounds 18:01 (45#, probly shld’v tried 55!) (G&R bands) Good 10am class!!

    • RiskyBusiness Reply

      24:51… First 2 and 1/2 rounds were good but then gassed myself, typical Risky move, need to get out of the funk!

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