5.18.12 "Volume OHS"

May 17, 2012

Joao aka Johnny aka the Portuguese Rooster!

1 Snatch + 2 OHS
–start at 50% increase each set by 5-10lbs.

1 OHS from Floor
–start at 50% increase each set by 5-10lbs.

1 Mile Run for Time

– Post scores to comments



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  1. Andrea :) Reply

    Snatch – maxed out at 75. This is definitely a goat of mine

    1 mile run – 7:05. 9 seconds slower than my PR. 🙁

  2. Portuguese Rooster Reply

    Snatches + OHS 125#
    1 mile run 7:04 slow
    PR 6:14

    Good looking Rooster!

    Great working out with “Handsome Tank” and “Gorgeous Currin”

    • Portuguese Rooster Reply

      Sorry! Also ” Coach Sexy Caldas”

      • currin Reply

        Wow, I wasn’t even there and you’re calling me gorgeous?? You trying to tell me something??

        • Portuguese Rooster Reply

          Luv you Currin!

          I meant Corrin.

  3. Steve Smith Reply

    at lunch
    3 rounds
    20 burpees
    1/2 mile hill sprint on base

    100 sit ups
    100 flutter kicks
    3 sets of old fashioned curls

  4. RiskyBusiness Reply

    Competitors WOD

    135# OHS from the ground (competition style)

    *PR by 20# 🙂 shoulders are loosening up!

    1mile run… 7:50

  5. Blizz Reply

    145# Snatch and OHS (failed a few times on it)
    1 mile run: 7:17

  6. Ryan Blake Reply

    Pr-Ed my snatch by 10 lbs! 195. Failed quite a few times but got it. Threw 200 on the bar… But I was intimidated and it got to my head

    Mile pr- 6:26 not bad for a large farm animal. Me and mr. Tall and lanky were neck at neck. Thanks for the push!!!

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