5.21.12 "South of the Border"

May 20, 2012

Christy does this for Fun!!!

1 Rep Max Front Squat

South of the Border
3 Rounds
20 Games Style Box Jumps (24,20)
10 Power Cleans (135,95)
5 Wall Climbs
1 Rope Climb

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  1. Big Sexy Reply

    This looks like a good one!

  2. CC Engine Reply

    Great job Christy! 🙂

  3. Mark Reply

    Front Squat 245
    WOD 13:11 RX

  4. Andrea Reply

    Front Squat – 150# (same as last time)

    South of the Border – 14:09 (85#) (I think that was my time)

  5. currin Reply

    front squat 255 – PR

    South of the Boarder – 10:38 but the rope climbs were not Rx…. These can be added the goat list.

  6. CC Engine Reply

    Front squat 105# – that’s good for me! I’ll take it.
    SoB (ha) 18:55 (16″bx, 65# pc’s, mod. wall climbs, cargo net-1st time).
    Gotta work on 20″ bx. Great peeps and Coach JC at 10am class! 🙂

  7. Risky Business Reply

    Front squat: 365# x 1 (PR by 50#!!)

    SOB: 15:54 rx (pretty tires today, Monday’s always seem to get me :/)

    PM endurance WOD will be:

    3,000m row x 2 (5min rest between each row)

    • Risky Business Reply


    • Ethan Reply

      Holy cow….Great stuff Risk. That’s a big jump.

  8. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    Team RAC
    10 pullups in place of rope climb, no ropes at RAC, I know, plenty of rope at CFB!
    Brian 11:38 RX
    Tim 12:30 RX
    Boob 12:42 95lb
    Andy 11:30 95 lb

    No front squats today, golf league night!

  9. Big Sexy Reply

    SOB – 16:00 Rx (11:00 up to the last rope climb- 5 mins for that sob)

    Cashout- 60 terminators

    WOD #2 amrap 6 thrusters burpees (4,8,12,16,20)


    1 min rest
    3 min max Cal row – 69 cal

  10. BACON Reply

    Love this one… cant wait to hit it tonight!

  11. Page Lockhart Reply

    Fun in7:30 class w great coaching
    From everyone!!
    FS-120# PR
    SOB-14:16 did all RX but rope. Cargo
    Net for Nator. Add rope to the goat list!

  12. Kass Reply

    SOB 10:01 rx… crazy busy 430 class, loved it!

  13. Tank Reply

    11:19 Rx, 225 #, PR!

  14. JC Reply

    Great Day at CFB!!! Lots of PR’s!
    Even I still get excited when I ring the PR bell!

    FS 325# 20lb PR
    SOB 7:41 – wheelhouse for me

  15. JesC Reply

    125# Front squat – PR
    16:41 (75# clean, floor to stand rope climb)
    60 30# terminators 50 pushups

  16. hercules Reply

    F.S. 225 . south of the border, 9:15. J.C. started 2 min behind me, and still kicked my ass. lol Great job!!!

  17. Joe Kelleher Reply

    265# front squat (pr by 40#)

    South of the border. 12:17 (rx)

  18. CC Engine Reply

    My max front squat at 105 was a PR for me too! Lol! But it was!! 😉

  19. BACON Reply

    15:16 (75#powerclean) wohoo rope climbs! My fav

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