5.21.13 "Twister"

May 21, 2013

1a) 5×3 Front Squat
Rest :45sec
1b) 5×3 Weighted Pull-ups
Rest :45sec

A and B are performed as supersets.

Overhead Squat (135,95)
Toe 2 Bars

For all Competitors:
We will be starting a strength and mass program soon. For now stick with the CFB-CFD WOD. There will be strength work at least 3 times a week with the main WOD. We will add extra work soon. We want you to stay in regular classes and get a chance to be coached by our excellent coaching staff. Remember more is not better. Better is better!!! You must get better at CrossFit and better at each movement and you must give it 110% each and every WOD. Intensity=Results not Volume.

Regionals athletes:
The programming will be sufficient for all athletes. This is considered the Off Season and you should have FUN with CrossFit and enjoy Sports and the great outdoors. The Goal over the next few months is to get Bigger then Stronger then Faster for next season! It will be periodized with the goal off peaking during Opens and throughout the Regionals. Over the summer and fall we will fill all holes and destroy all weaknesses. For now, Train Hard but have fun again.

Masters Games athletes:
We will be starting their games training next weekend.

We will also be adding an endurance class soon and some other specialty classes.

Competitor Training will resume on Saturdays at 10am at CFB and possibly add Sundays after OLY.

Keep your eyes out for a competitor meeting. We will talk about upcoming events over the summer. Including the Summer Slam at CFD, Mass Mayhem in Newton, Hartford Europa Throwdown and all Garage Game Events. We will be watching all of you this season at these events in preparation of building our Regional team for next year.

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  1. Mr RX Reply

    Front squat up to 295×3
    6:02 but subbed ghd for t2b and OHS from the rack
    —nursing a strained bicep

  2. big sexy Reply

    12:03 rx

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