5.24.12 "Get up and Go"

May 23, 2012


Get up and Go
800m Run
Wallballs (20,14)
Double Unders
Abmat situps
800m Row

-Half start on run and half start on row.

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  1. admin Reply

    great workout looks fun……

  2. JC Reply

    Yeah buddy!!! Double Fran was sick yesterday. I love our box.

  3. CC Engine Reply

    Like the new website setup! Niiice! 🙂

  4. Portuguese Rooster Reply

    Great class this morning! Worked out with my favorite couple ( The Lords), Paginator, Portugese GQ ( aka big sexy), and Courtney.

    “Get up and Go”
    15:28 ( singles) not ready for DUs.

  5. Mark Reply

    “Get up and Go”
    14:16 RX (handful of no reps in there for deth on wall balls and air ball)

  6. Mark Reply


  7. Ryan Blake Reply

    15:20? Ish double unders wernt happening for me today. Wall balls made my leggies cry today. Effing Francisco

  8. Big Sexy Reply

    Get it up and Go- 12:32 Rx

  9. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    Get it up and Go
    Pete 12:30 80 shin2chins (45)
    Andy 13:23

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