5.7.12 "Satan's Whiskers"

May 06, 2012

Kickass Kass is back!!!

Nugz is killing lately!!!

Jerk 7×2 up to Max

Satan’s Whiskers
3 Rounds for time of:
10 C2B Pull up
10 Front Squat (165,115)
10 Burpees

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  1. Andrea :) Reply

    Jerk – 115# PR

    Satan’s Whiskers – 8:38 (Pull Ups, 95# FS)

    I definitely could have squated more if I could have cleaned it.

  2. Ryan Blake Reply

    225 1 rep max jerk.

    Definitely could do more, just need to get the split form down…

    Santas whiskers

    7:04 rx

    Front squats hurt.

  3. Corrin Reply

    Satan: 6:58 115# & reg pullups!!

    Still hurting from the flying Mexican

  4. Ryan Blake Reply

    Satans* friggin autocorrect

  5. Tank Reply

    Did someone say Santa? I’m sooooooooo excited

    • D$ Reply


      Satan’s Whiskers 10:07
      175 split jerk

      Mix of chest to bahs, reg pull ups and butterfly pull ups.
      #115 front squat.

  6. CC Engine Reply

    70# Split Jerk. Satan’s Whiskers: 9:02 {65# F.S.- ya hard after pull ups!! ; 1st rnd pull ups just g band, then g&r – crap! Lol!} The burpees today was easiest part! 🙂

  7. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    225 2 rep jerk, had more but no time

    Team RAC
    Brian 7:37 RX
    Tim 9:18 RX
    Pete 13:20 135lb, coup,e 155 mixed in
    Andy- DNF with quad injury
    Boobie 9:54 135 lb

  8. Page Lockhart Reply

    100# Jerk
    Satan:7:00 (85# +PU’s)
    felt like Fran…FS get heavy fast.
    Felt good gettin low..

  9. Riskybiz Reply

    Jerk: 265#x1/ 225#x1

    Satan: 5:41 rx

    Really pushed myself besides my hammies ripping off my legs lol

  10. elaine Reply

    6:21 rx

  11. BACON Reply

    95# jerk got my chest to bars!! Yay!!!!

    10:38 (65#)

  12. hercules Reply

    Satans Whiskers, 8:48? i think. But R.X it baby! Thats more than i weigh lol

  13. hercules Reply

    Tank had some good dance moves tonight too

  14. Justin Coelho Reply

    10:18 (135# w/c2b)
    165# jerk x 2

  15. Tank Reply

    Besides upper cutting myself with the bar, 185# split jerk for 2

    Satan’s whiskers: 5:58 (135 #)

    Thanks Hercules, when the music is on ya just got it to feel it!!

  16. Blizz Reply

    195# split jerk for 2 reps
    Satan’s whiskers: 8:28 (135#)

  17. JC Reply

    Risky biz crushed it!!!

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