6.10.13 "100 Burpees"

June 09, 2013

CFB Team Paleo Challenge Starts Today
You will have until Friday to get all your baseline measurements, pictures and complete the benchmark WODs. You must sign up your team on the Poster Board in the box. If you do not have a team yet we will help assign you a partner, just put your name on the board and the next individual that signs up will be your partner. The rules are all on the website under the Paleo Challenge page. We will go over the rules again in classes this week and answer any questions. It’s just $10/person to join and the winners take the cash. Monday and Tuesday we will take before pictures, weigh in and start our benchmark WODs.

Paleo = amazing results in just 30 Days!!!

Warm up:
3 Rounds
250m Row
10 ring dips
20 hollow rockers

Max Unbroken Pull-ups

For time:
100 Burpees

10 Minute Cap

Oly Warmup:
UB Hang Squat Clean 5×3
rest :60sec exactly

1a.Bench Press 3x5reps across (5lbs heavier than last week)
1b. Max Strict Pulups x 5 sets
2a. DB Seated Arnold Press 4×8
2b. Ring Rows or Lat Pulldown 4×8
3a. BB Upright Row 4×8
3b. DB Row on Bench 4×8
4a. DB Side Raise 3×12
4b. Band Pull aparts 3×15

100 Burpees for time

—posted by MR. RX



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  1. John Fitz Reply

    100 Burpees – 8:33

  2. CC Engine Reply

    Pull ups UB – Blue – 13. Up from 7! & almost 3 on just thin Red.

    100 Burpees – 9:02 (pr)

    Great big 530 pm at CFD with JC (Mr. RX), Big Sexy, JesC and crew 🙂

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