6.23.14 "Cheerleader 2.0"

June 22, 2014

Congratulations to all the Athletes that participated at the Ranch Wars Event!!!
It was truly an Amazing Day. The workouts were hard, the weather was perfect and the energy was contagious.
A lot of pictures will be posted on Facebook from the events, checkout the Crossfitters Group or the CrossFit Dartmouth Group on our Facebook Page, I will also share as many as I can to my personal CrossFit Bridgewater Page.

We cant say this enough but we would never be able to do this without our Judges and Volunteers. These people give up the entire day just to make it special for all the athletes. They arrive at 7am and leave at 5pm. Its a super long day, so please thank all the judges and volunteers one more time when you see them at the Box!!!

Special Thanks to Stacey Vilao, see was ropped into Judging when we needed her and she did an amazing job. Sun burned and all she stuck it out till the very last heat! I enjoyed cracking open an ice cold beer with her at the end, one of the better moments of my Day!!!

Entrance to Ranch Wars

Team Prestige World Wide

Christy and Alix!

Meg O’Connor made the Podium in our scaled division!!!


5RM Pendlay Row

“Cheerleader 2.0”
7 1-Arm KB Snatches From the Ground Left Arm (53,35)
7 Chest 2 Bars
7 1-Arm KB Snatches from the Ground Right Arm (53,35)
7 Chest 2 Bars

Score is total Reps

Big Dawgs (70,53)



4×15 Band Pull aparts


Choose ONE of the following sports:
Swim (M/Tu/W): Max Distance in 30:00
Bike (M/Tu/W): Max Distance in 30:00
Run (M/Tu/W): Max Distance in 30:00
Row (M/Tu/W): Max Distance in 30:00

7 sets on the 2 Minutes:
1 Snatch Pull + 1 Power Snacth + 1 Squat Snatch
work up to a Heavy Weight





Outlaw Connectivity

A. 50 Strict Pullups – in the least amount of sets possible
each set should be max reps then rest about :60 seconds between set
**if you are getting 50 reps in 3 sets or less, now attempt max Pullups in 3 sets

B. Pendlay Rows
4 x 6-8 reps – add weight each set – heavier than last week

C. Seated Cable Row or Bench Kneeling Dumbbell Row
4 sets of 8-12 reps – add weight each set – last set should be to failure

D. “Cheerleader 2.0”
7 1-Arm KB Snatches From the Ground Left Arm (53,35)
7 Chest 2 Bars
7 1-Arm KB Snatches from the Ground Right Arm (53,35)
7 Chest 2 Bars

Todays OLY
Todays Endurance




Page Lockhart Fundraiser and CFB 3rd Year Anniversary Party
June 28th
There will be a WOD challenge at 10am, followed by Chinese auction and Paleo PotLuck BBQ. We hope all members from Dartmouth and Bridgewater Locations will attend. This is always one of our biggest parties of the Year!!! If anyone has any items they are willing to donate to the raffle please let Mrs. Caldas know. Let’s Raise money to send our World Famous Nator to the CrossFit Games and Have a blast doing it!!! Email soniamcormier@gmail.com if you would like to donate anything to the raffle.

Beginners and RX Competition
Sunday August 3rd




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  1. neon joe Reply

    Good to be back I’m still in one piece 4+11 with 53#kb

  2. Brian Reply

    175×5 Pendlay, 4+3 (70# kb)

  3. CC Engine Reply

    P. Row 75 crappy, 65 x5 – good!
    Wod – 3 + 21 (105), 20# No 25, red & gray.

  4. Almen Reply

    5 Rx

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