6.29.11 "Dragon"

June 29, 2011

Bananas helps Tara with her handstand.

100m Tire Pull (70,35)
10 Chest 2 Bars
10 Deadlifts (255,185)
10 Sledgehammers each side (20,10)
100m Tire pulls (70,35)

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  1. jcurrin Reply

    20:36 Rx.. Great work everyone in the 5:30 class! This one hurt..

  2. A.Del Reply

    19:56 (red band, 125)

    Ouch! Next time I will have to try to not wack myself in the shin with the sledgehammer!

  3. R.Blake Reply

    I miss going everyday. :[

  4. JBravo Reply

    20:02 (regular pullups, 225 deadlift)

    Great workout .. hands destroyed

  5. Dennis Reply

    21:19 (Pull-ups, 185)

  6. Tank Reply

    17:54 (185 deadlift, kipping pullups)

    • Foge Reply

      It’s really great that people are shiarng this information.

    • Judy Reply

      I bow down hublmy in the presence of such greatness.

  7. Jacoby Reply

    It’s much easier to uendrsatnd when you put it that way!

  8. Romby Reply

    Ho ho, who wlodua thunk it, right?

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