6.8.13 "Looper"

June 17, 2013

Nothing says welcome back like Fran!!! Welcome back Kevin!


Did you PR Fran yesterday? Let us know by how much!

15Mins to Establish
1 RM Box Squat
–set box at Parallel
–sit way back in heels and keep you knees behind your ankles. Deload an Explode!!!

AMRAP 12mins
Ascending ladder of
Lateral BB Squats (95,65) each side alternating
Barbell Facing Burpees

Just like this but alternating sides.

Oly Warmup:
3 Position Squat Snatch (Floor, Hang, High Hang)
5×1 Heaviest possible
rest :60sec exactly

1. Low Bar Back Squat 3×3 across – heavier than last week
2. Front Squat 4×6 heaviest
3. Elevated Romanian Deadlifts 4×8
–feet on 45# plate

4. Looper (scale up if possible)

Endurance WOD of the Week
This can be done any day this week:

Tosh Sprints
3 Rounds
200m Run rest Equal time
400m Run rest Equal time
600m Run rest Equal time


3 Rounds
250m Row rest Equal time
500m Row rest Equal time
750m Row rest Equal time

This is ALL OUT Effort!!!

—posted by MR. RX



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  1. Russellmania Reply

    Fran PR 4:11… Breaking 4 min next time- a promise!

  2. Russell Reply

    I PR’d Fran with a 4:11 from a 4:24, I was hoping for a sub 4 time but I’ll try again in a month.

  3. Jenny O Reply

    Exactly 9 rounds RX

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