7.16.12 "Fran"

July 15, 2012

Elaine made us so proud! She poured her heart and soul out in the arena floor and took home a Bronze Medal and just missed Silver by a few points!
Page was a true competitor and very confident in every workout. She finished 16th overall and has the taste of blood in her mouth for next year!!!

We all learned that standards are very important and that being judged is much more difficult than you would expect. This week we will concentrate on perfect form and meeting all the standards of each movement!!! Let’s crush it!

Our Champions with Kristen Clever!!!

Elaine and Page with Women’s Masters gold medalist Lisa “8” Mikkelson!!!

Thrusters (96,65)

After a long week of WODs for the Individuals at the Games this year, the final WOD was a series of “Elizabeth” then rest “Isabel” then rest and “Fran”!!! It was sick! You have to go and watch all the footage on games.crossfit.com. For the women it came down to a sick Fran off for 3rd place between Taylana and Kristen Clever. Some how Taylana hung on to the pullup bar and just edged out Clever for the 3rd spot. It was amazing!!!
Hope you are all having Fun. Page and I will be home tomorrow night. See you soon.

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  1. Jcurrin Reply

    Yikes that was another killer.. Really wanted sub 4 min but I guess that will have to wait..

    Fran – 4:08 PR by 11 seconds..

    Thrusters were all unbroken but the third round of pull ups killed me.. Grat work by everyone @5:30 today

  2. Andrea Reply

    Currin was on fire this morning! I want to be like him when I grow up.

    I had to modify Fran and do push ups instead of pull ups because of my elbow. Let me tell you, my tris were on FIRE!!

    Fran (modified) : 8:50

  3. JohnF Reply

    Elaine and Page,

    So proud of you both, what an unbelievable accomplishment! Saw some of the videos on the games website and it looked like the competition was intense. Great work and have a safe flight home.

  4. Kristin Reply

    Thanks 5:30a! Keeping to standards is my goat now.
    Fran 6:50, red and purple band pull ups
    Love to do thrusters@ 65# even though I fell on my butt today, literally 🙂
    Time to abandon the bands for pull ups….like taking candy from a baby! Tears will be shed 🙁

  5. Risky business Reply

    Page and Elaine,

    You ladies blow my mind, my true heroes! Page I credit you the most for introducing me to what I do today!

    This is what I did at work today:
    WOD 1:

    Row 1k
    Then 5rds:
    -(7) push jerks (135#)
    -(15) pullups
    *took it from last weeks workout but modified the pullup number because I did all butterfly pullups for a full workout for the first time :)*

    Then “Elizabeth”
    -cleans (135#)(did full squat cleans)
    -ring dips

    12:28rx (felt kinda weak w the cleans today, prob just a normal Monday!)

  6. Mark Reply

    Fran 7:37. Nice WOD to come back to after a month off.
    Thanks for the coaching/judging Justin
    Way to gut through it Adam….

  7. CC Engine Reply

    Love the pics, but love the ladies in “em!!! Great stuff all weekend! Thank you for all the excitement!!!

    Fran: 11:30!! What!! Last time “double” Fran in May with 8:22 & 9: 33!! & only went up 5# to 50#. (& modified bands only a tiny bit more). Part due to wasting bit of time with my bands being changed before my WOD, etc. But still…. I did do better in the am classes. Now come after work for 630 p class & my times are all off! Now I know how hard the other peeps have it like me! LOL 🙂 Gotta just suck it up and work harder! Hoo Ha! LOL!

  8. Kathy Reply

    Congrats Page and Elaine you made us all so proud!!!! And Page are you trying to make sexy duck lips for a new facebook picture???? lol

  9. hercules Reply

    4:49 rx Nursing a toothache… OUCH

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