7.23.12 "Elizabeth"

July 22, 2012

Lots of 1st Muscle Ups!!!

Big Sexy promised 1 MU before Jackson arrives and he delivered!

Justin D 1st MU in 1st Month!

Sara “Cuch” 1st Bar MU!!!

A) Strict Press 5×5
B) Weighted Pullup 5×5 max weight


Squat Clean
Ring Dips

L1 (75,45) HR Push ups
L2 (95,65)
RX (135,95)

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  1. 2¢ (Cailin) Reply

    That was a tough workout, but I love the feeling of accomplishment.
    13:39 55# w/ blue band

    • D$ Reply

      Great job 2¢!! I’m glad you dragged P$ along too.

  2. D$ Reply

    L2 RD w/red band.

  3. Sexy Beast Reply

    RX’d it booyah! 14:58
    Strict press 105#

    aka > Corrin !!

  4. Kristin Reply

    11:58? (Something like that) 95# and purple band ring dips
    Gotta work on the shrug
    Strict press 75#, green band strict pull ups
    Thanks 6:30…good energy!

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