7.26.12 "Gasoline"

July 25, 2012

Jay Sylvia!!!

In 15 minutes Work up to a heavy set of 3 but not Max-use chains if available


7 Rounds
5 Handstand Pushups
10 Deadlifts (185,115)
10 Chest to Bars
20 Double Unders

L1 & L2-6 Rounds-Pullups(scale weights)

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  1. Mark Reply

    DL 235 so far so good with the back, didn’t want to push it
    WOD 22:02. C2B first round, regular pull ups after that
    Great WOD

  2. Peter Cipolletti Reply

    Team RAC:

    Pete: 17:00 RX
    Brian: 170:00 Knee Slaps
    Andy: 18:01 Knee Slaps
    Boobie: 21:34

    Fun stuff!

  3. Ryan Blake Reply

    18:56 rx

    315 plus chains. Chains are legit!

  4. CC Engine Reply

    135 # DL x 3. Back still hurting a bit, so didn’t wanna push too much. (Hope I’m ok 2mrw after this WOD! 🙂 24:23 (115#, like 2 1/2 ab mat, G & Thin R bands, 60 S.U.’s) X 7 rounds – oooh ra! Tuff but, ya, good WOD! 😉

  5. big sexy Reply

    Wyatt @ RCF1 : 27:?? Rx
    7 rft
    800m run,
    20 t2b,
    10 burpees

    Had to do this one…dedicated to my boss’ son who is in the nicu at the Brigham with some complications of CF and required surgery right after being born on 7/8/12.

    • big sexy Reply

      5 RFT…but it still was ridiculous!

  6. Page Lockhart Reply

    Loved this WOD and the chains and all
    the cool CFB’s in class!
    19:40 w 1 abmat an PU’s
    Feeling better w the kipping HSPU’s
    Just gotta find my kips on the pullups–!
    Great Work everyone

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