7.7.12 "Morrison"

July 06, 2012

Mount St Helen!

Wall Balls (20,14)
Box jump (24,20)
KB Swings (52,35)


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  1. Hercules Reply

    24:02. rx. Great to see Craig again.

  2. S Hell Reply

    scaled. plus extra set of 10. under 26:00 min. Next pic will look better! So glad to zip up my jeans w/ less muffintop!

    • St. Hell Reply

      St. Hell or Mt. St. Helen. I don’t mean to offend any of my Roman Catholic friends. My kids gave me this nickname in reference to my temper…

  3. TriciaK Reply

    Tough workout but it made my day with the Crossfitters in attendance. Good job everyone. 28:54 scaled on weights

  4. Risky business Reply

    29:24 rx….

    Haven’t had a nice long workout like that in awhile! Good to see my bwater crew! And Craig great to see ya bro!

  5. Big Sexy Reply

    Morrison- 26:25 rx

    Great WOD, great friends!

  6. Ryan Blake Reply

    I hate box jumps, and kettleballs, and wall balls. And running, and rowing and physical exertion… Lol who am I kidding, crossfit is a worse addiction than drugs.

    27:55? I think or 26 I forget

  7. CC Engine Reply

    That’s a great pic St Hell! And always enjoy your comments! Lol! 🙂 I’m going to monday 630 pm class if your intrested! 🙂 And great job everybody!

  8. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    Team RAC
    Tim -DNF
    Brian – 21:28 1/2 burpees instead of box jumps
    Andy – 21:33 1/2 burpees instead of box jumps
    Pete -24;58 RX
    Paul – 26:03 RX

  9. Norm MacLean Reply

    This was killer for me wind wise! Took me 44:03 to finish it Rx. Need more brutal workouts like this to push me above and beyond! 🙂

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