9.1.12 "Back to School"

August 31, 2012

Victoria has been stepping it up!!! What about YOU!

Back to School
5 Rounds
3 Wall Climbs
6 Ring L-Pullups
9 GHD Situps
12 Front Squats (155,105)
100m Farmer Carry(140,106)

L1-Sub 18 abmat situps for GHD situps
L1/L2-Strict Pullups may be substituted for L-Pullups

Farmers carry are with two kettlebells or the equivalent weight in dumbells. Farmers carry are outside around the 50m Cone and back.

L-pullups on rings must keep L-Hold at the bottom of the pullup or re-establish L-Hold before pulling. There is no swinging of the legs or Kipping allowed. Chin must go above the rings.

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  1. Brian Del. Reply

    Back to School-23:22(65#FS,106#FC)
    Me and Kyle did a 1 mile run for a cash out

  2. Page Lockhart Reply

    Back to school: 26:52 (65#)
    106 got heavy on 4th rnd. That WOD got
    Evil by the end. Legs were toast from Chief
    And Oly.
    Great class this am w 11 early risers then
    The OG and military crew showed up!
    Sweet !!

  3. Nugz Reply

    Establish 1 rep max Bench:
    Me – 315 Kass – 140

    Me – 37:28 Kass – 39:24
    Both PR’s

  4. elaine Reply

    Uhmmmm that work out was gross….23:ish rx. . I forget the time its on the board

  5. Wade Reply

    Back to School – 23:10. Went light on the front squats at 115 but RX on the carry. Wall climbs are feeling good. Need work on the straight pullups. Good one!

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