9.10.12 "Muscling Grace"

September 09, 2012

Brother and Sister Lubao!!!

MU Transitions

Muscling Grace
10 Rounds
3 Clean n Jerks (135,95)
3 Muscle Ups

Muscle up substitution can be either:
2xJumping Muscle up
2xChest 2 Bar & 2xRing Dips

10 Rounds
3 Clean n Jerks(Scaled)
6 Assisted Pullups
6 Box Dips

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  1. Sweat Beast Reply

    I like.

  2. Mark Reply

    135 C+J 6 Jumping Muscle Ups

  3. Wilhuntforfood Reply

    Team RAC
    Tim 16:20
    Brian 14:30
    Andy 16:47
    Above did 135 c&j, 6 check to bar and 6 dips
    One arm Pete
    135 lb squat clean, 6 chest to bar and 10 push ups

  4. Corrin Reply

    21:01 95# , 6 transitions muscle up with dip
    great to be back!!!!!

  5. Mantis Reply

    Corrin-we need to be at Crossfit together!
    -real life

  6. Brian Del. Reply

    19:19(75#,2ring dips and 2C2B=1muscle up)

  7. Andrea :) Reply

    18:09 (75#, push ups/pull ups, ring dips with red band)

    I alternated pull ups and push ups to take it easy with my elbow.

  8. Page Lockhart Reply

    Fun 7:30 class w Collz, Marty, and Stormin
    Norman !! C2B for nator today..!
    20:10 (75#) 3 C2B+3 R.dips

  9. Wade Reply

    C+J 115# with 6 jumping muscle ups. Awesome 5:30AM class with mark, Adam, and Bobbi – 20:40

  10. Kristin Reply

    16:30 95#, 6 pu,6 dips off box

  11. Sonia Chaves Reply

    Great Job 6:30 CLASS!!! KICKED my butt, good workout!!
    20:00 mins 75# clean n Jerk, pull ups, dips off box

  12. Cat Reply

    6:30 class rocked it again tonight! Love the energy.
    14:52 75#, banded c2b pull-ups, box dips

  13. BACON Reply

    grrr… killed my hands.on the last six!!! woulda been done at 16… but thanks to mama g for patchin my hand w tape so I could finish last theee pu.

    18:36 80# pu/dip

  14. Sweat Beast Reply

    20:44 Rx

    I felt pretty good up until rounds 7-10. Well for the muscle ups.
    I started getting in my head mentally on the muscle up, and that tends to be on the swing for whatever reason.

    But anywho.

    Did some Oly work with Pkilla afterwards.
    Front squats, and snatchin’

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